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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

And Back Again...

I haven't mentioned the Lay Dominicans for quite awhile, and for good reason; in my own part, nothing has happened. Nothing. My "partner in crime" has made some headway, gathered some other Dominicans without homes, and followed his leads...and again, they've not gone far.

I was beginning to wonder if maybe this wasn't to be...just yet. And so I let it be, knowing that God will reveal Himself on His time, not ours.

And today, that happened. It happened first when I was praying en route to work as usual, and I realized I hadn't prayed the Dominican Litany of Saints for a long time, and as I'm in need of their powerful intercession, I realized I should remember to do so today. (Although I forgot to do so...apparently they were still praying.)

Then I received a special affirmation from Our Lady today, something I prayed about a couple months ago.

Then, this evening, I went to dinner with Mary, my soon-to-be-cloistered (Benedictine) friend, and on my other side? A possible future Dominican, and apparently Mary had told her about me months ago with regard to this lay community that may or may not come to be.

In conversation, more ideas and connections appeared, and I realized that I was not off the hook. It seems that if a community is to happen here, God has indeed designated me as one of the founders. And what can I do but give my acquiescence to His will in this matter?

I am thankful that things move slowly, for I have no idea what we're doing or really, what we're getting ourselves into. But God does, He is in charge, and I know that if this is part of my mission on earth, well...who am I to run away?



RJW said...

It is so incredibly easy to do things when we let God take the reins. Why is it so hard to let him take them? Continued prayers.

Mark said...

You go!

ignorant redneck said...

Go, Go, Go!

I am working on figuring out what the Lord has in mind for me.

Hope I do.