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Saturday, June 07, 2008

My First Rosary

Well...I have completed my first knotted cord rosary. It's blue...and made of knots! I had Adoration today so spent the time praying my way through the knots (less praying, more focusing on knots, unfortunately). It's a bit misshapen, though. While the spacing on the decades is ok, the spacing between the Our Father knots and the decades leaves a great deal to be desired! It's uneven, some of the knots are just awful, and I messed up at the end so I have 2 Our Father knots at the beginning.

But two Our Fathers is better than one! He who prays twice...prays twice1

So we'll see if the next one gets any better. I think I'm done for today, though.


Melissa said...

Way to go! The spacing and speed of knotting improve greatly after even a few attempts. Great job!

Maureen said...

Didn't St. Augustine say something about "he who ties one on, prays twice"?

(Just kidding, St. Augustine!)