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Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Priest

This morning I finally had a chance to attend Daily Mass and was pleased to see that not only was our Transitional Deacon present, but so was our new Associate who was ordained at the end of April. I've known the good Deacon for several months, prior to his assignment at my parish, but it was good to greet him again today. And of course I wanted to welcome our new Associate so was glad for the opportunity.

He won't remember me...I'm really a forgettable person, don't stand out in a crowd (um...except for my current bright fuscia streaks in my hair), and he's of course overwhelmed by the numbers of people at our parish. So as I introduced myself, I did explain to him that no, he won't remember me, and our last Associate just introduced me as "a thorn in his side", so that's apparently my job. (Yes, it was a joke, and I turned it on the last Associate when introducing him to my mother a few years ago!)

In all seriousness, though, we've been extremely blessed at our parish. Because we're huge, a lot of new priests pass through for a couple years and then are moved on to other parishes, some going on to become Pastors. All of them have been wonderful, each has been an inspiration to me personally in some way (and have been to others as well) and I've always been sad to see them go. Yet when one is moved, we know another is coming who may have new insights and an entirely different method of inspiring the faithful to greater holiness.

I have the greatest respect for our priests, I'm so thankful for them, and so appreciative of the gifts they bring to our parish. Without those who have been at my parish both present and previously, I would not be where I am today, both spiritually and in temporal matters. God bless them all. I'm only one many others do they affect on a daily basis?

Please remember to pray for your priests every day. We ask for their prayers all the time...they need ours even more.


you_know_Who said...

Consider grabbing him as a SD before he gets too busy! :)

adoro said...

A lot of times they don't let new priests do spiritual direction. That, and you know as well as I do that the SD thing has to be a sort of "match". I'm not talking about something similar to "doctor shopping" but I only just met him.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Yes, we need to pray for them!

I agree that an SD should "fit".

JP said...

"Please remember to pray for your priests every day. We ask for their prayers all the time...they need ours even more. "

Something I do not do. Sadly.

Thank you, seriously, for bringing it to my attention. Our shepards have a large flock and need our prayers.

uncle jim said...

so, when i have insomnia, i pray more ... the rosary, rote prayer, spontaneous prayer

i stare up at the stars [even when i'm inside looking at the ceiling]

i get online and read blogs, i write posts for later use, i read adoro over and over and over - hoping it will put me to sleep ... but to no avail

and then, sometime between the twilight and the dawn i fall asleep, unbeknown to me ... then suddenly, it is morning and i've slept thru the alarm - again - and it is time to turn up the afterburners and get to work.

i try to be there BY 6am, but sometimes it is 6:03.

then, later that evening, i start the cycle again - usually two night in a row - it is my bi-cycle.

Terry Nelson said...


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Ad Multos Anos Adoro :)

georgette said...

I pray you find a good SD very soon!