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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Blues

The pace of life everywhere slows down when summer hits. People are out enjoying days off, days out of school, sunny summer weather, trips to beaches and cabins and parks, and in general, they are getting away from the computer and experiencing life.

Myself, I haven't felt like writing. I've had a lot of things to mull over and many things I'm not likely to discuss here or anywhere else. And I need to go back to reading...books. Not heavy theological tomes which will be used to write papers, but books for entertainment, for relaxation and renewal of my own spirit.

I'm still praying LOH, although now it tends to be light on morning prayer and more regular evening prayer as in the mornings, I'm insanely busy and don't have the luxury, as I did before this week, to go to the church or chapel. After this week, though a new routine will be born and we'll see what happens.

For quite a while I was out of the habit of going to Daily Mass. I often wanted to go but wasn't able to because of my schedule. Now, gratefully, I should be able to go every day this week, and hopefully throughout July. There will come a time when it will be impossible again, but for all things there are seasons, and that applies to our spiritual lives as well.

For now, though, I have nothing more to say, and so I sign off and wish you all a blessed night.


smk said...

Sounds to me like this would be a perfect time for you to plan a retreat during your "time off."

Have you ever read "The Silver Chalice"? It's a very old novel... but well worth reading.


adoro said...

smk ~ NO MORE! LOL! I'm finally working on the stack that's been staring me down for a YEAR! One down...working on the 2nd.....

Melody said...

Books for entertainment, that sounds like a good idea! I hope to get to do some reading for enjoyment in the not too distant future; though things are too crazy right now. (Some of it is good crazy; a first granddaughter born June 6!)