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Monday, September 03, 2007

Novel Update

For those who are following along, I've added a couple more chapters to the story.

I'm going through a very rough patch in the story currently as we go through some transitions, have to pass over time and do so smoothly, and as I become acquainted once again with Kaya.

A curious thing happens when one writes lengthy fictional stories; the characters become "real". I find that I am able to empathize with this character, and as her personality begins to develop and I begin to see her flaws and her virtues, she becomes somewhat solidified. At this point in the story, her personality to most of you is likely very wooden, and the last couple chapters don't have any dialogue. But this time period is necessary as it is laying the foundation of a much larger story, one I hope will reveal to me, and to all of you, certain nuggets of truth.

Some of the characters in the story are loosely based on people I know, but Kaya...she's not like anyone I've ever met. She has perhaps some traits that are mine, some that belong to my best friend in high school...and some that make her a completely different person. Kaya has been floating around in my head, nagging me to write this story for years and years, so I suspect she won't quit bugging me until I let her have her day.

To be honest, although I have the basic framework of my novel, I don't know the story. It keeps changing. And when I realize I've just written something into the story I no longer like, I'm also finding that it's a setup for one event, and I have to figure out the logical consequences and fill in the blanks, rather than changing the story. It's like life, perhaps, as a small, inconsequential metaphor. Once something is done and a consequence is being faced, a chain of events has been set into action and has to play out.

Writing is all about digging for treasure, following threads, and looking at life from a God's eye view. So I'm finding, the further I go in this endeavor, that, not only do I not want to be God, but I'm thrilled that he doesn't make me weave together the different threads of my own life, but rather, just asks me to go through the events, keeping my eyes on him.

So now, even as I write this story, and feel the fictional eyes of Kaya upon me, and even though I hold the pen, in reality I am looking to God, because he is the author of all in my life that is good and true and beautiful, and somehow, He is the one who introduced me to Kaya and her world. It's time for me to bring her story into the light and see what gems will be unearthed for the world to see.

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