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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day

Well, I'm officially a taxpayer again, rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and rendering unto God what is God's. Really. In a big way.

I've just realized that my whole life belongs to working hours in His own house, my "off" hours in study for class. Wow. I think I've just become a solitary nun! (tongue in cheek)

Ok, seriously, things went well, I met a lot of people whose names I won't remember unless they are in their offices and I can look at their names on the doorway as I enter. And I'm registered for some training during September, and tomorrow we're going to clean up and arrange the offices, which promises to be both a messy and an interesting endeavor.

I had to leave early due to a pre-set appointment with the cable guy to downgrade my cable since I won't have time to watch things anymore. And I need to remove the temptation which might keep me away from studying. Seriously.

So I left so as to be home on time, because you know how it is...if you aren't there in your alotted window, at the very beginning, guaranteed the service person will have arrived already. So I was home. And waited. And waited. And he never showed up.

I am NOT taking more time off of work to repeat this experience. I have moved to accomodate them. It's time they accomodate ME. So tomorrow I will call and point out that they did not do the job they were supposed to do, when they were supposed to do it, and so they will need to come to my house on my schedule, they will compensate me by pro-rating every day they would otherwise be charging me for cable services that are supposed to be disconnected, and I may ask they compensate me for time lost from work. Just to make a point. No, they don't do it, but they should. first day of work and I had to have time off. Useless time off, when I've just had 4 WEEKS off, but no, they couldn't come last week when I would be home just hanging out.

I'm also not going to pay my bill until they adjust it to my satisfaction. (That stuff doesn't go to collections for a long time so I can buy some time here while they sort the charges out.)

Let's face it; we are all willing to pay for legitimate services rendered...but when said services are not rendered, no phone call is made, etc., and we are losing money so as to deal with things that have to be handled...well, companies need to step up to the plate and make good in some way. One thing I learned from my previous position; how to talk to Customer Service Reps and more importantly, how NOT to talk to them. So my conversation tomorrow will be completely professional and logical, because THAT is what gets results.

Confession: When I had a rude customer, even if they were right in that they'd recieved bad service for whatever reason, I was far more willing to bend over backwards to make good for someone who was reasonable and understanding and willing to allow me to do the right thing. People who blasted me, cursed, accused me or someone else of incompetance, etc., well, I wrote them off and they went to the bottom of the pile. Respect goes both ways. Yeah, my attitude is unbiblical, and Jesus would frown on that, but it's the reality in the world of Customer Relations.

So, the trick is this: be nice as pie, point out how you've been wronged, suggest ways the situation can be corrected, and above all, realize that the person on the phone handling your call is not usually the person responsible for something that didn't get done. Cut them some slack.

Anyway, thank you for your prayers and encouragement, everyone. I'm excited about my new job, looking forward to meeting a LOT more people whose names I'm not going to remember, and I'm completely in love with the idea that as I plan inservices and retreats or lessons, etc., I get to walk down the hall and do said planning right there at the feet of Jesus in their Perpeual Adoration chapel.

Is there a greater blessing than that?


Anonymous said...

all i really want to say is "Way to go!" Congratulations.

*the following is not directly related to the above message and you need not read any farther. But should you do so, you do so at your own risk of being bored by an irrelevant "I had one of those days, too." story. enter if you really have nothing better to do right now.

so 2 weeks ago i arranged to have a phone installed. my request was for afternoon installation. they said they'd make note of that and when i get the reminder phone call the day before the scheduled installation, i sure be sure to remind them. the reminder call came and i was told all they could assure me was it would be between 8am and 6p. so i missed the entire day of work because they finally showed up at 3:30pm and took until 5:10pm to complete the installation. but i enjoyed the day off.

see ... I told you so!

Unknown said...

Quick hint about learning names: Does the parish have one of those nifty pictoral directories? I used the one at the parish where I worked so often I kept it on my desk instead of on the bookshelf. It really helped when someone would call and want to talk or make an appointment I would look them up in the directory and try to associate the name with the face in the picture.

My boss, (a priest) said you have to use someone's name 30 times to really make it stick. I don't know how true that is but he was a whizz at remembering people's names.

Fr. V said...

So . . . the squeeky wheel get the grease story doesn't work???

(I suppose as long as it is a nice squeky wheel.)

paramedicgirl said...

Adoro, I waited once all day for the cable guy to come and hook up my cable. He never showed up. That was in 1994. I haven't had cable since.
Now I'm just addicted to the internet! ;}