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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Who doesn't love Mother Teresa? What an inspiration of what God can do with one small person completely open to His will.

I drew the above portrait shortly after her death, one night as I sat at my night job, seeking God, seeking to come home, but not knowing what I believed. But one thing I knew, even in my fog; Mother Teresa was holy, and she was someone to look to as an example in how to live and how to follow Christ.


Warren said...

Well there are some people who don't like M.T.. But they are usually pretty shriveled up people. Sad cases, like Christopher Hitchins.


Anonymous said...

Most people, whether they are atheist, protestant, lapsed Catholic,what have you, all seemed to recognize Mother as special. Even if they didn't like her they knew she had "it" and was special.

Anonymous said...

fabulous pictures..

Hidden One said...

Yeah. (^)