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Thursday, February 15, 2007

St. George Christian Books and Gifts

It's time to tell you about my supplier.

Once upon a time, a man and a woman married, and they had careers and children. And then one day they realized it was time to live their dream of owning such a store as this. So they gave up their careers and got into the Christian bookstore business...and there they are today.

They are new in the biz, but through this, I have come to know them and call them friends. They have supplied me with books, with recommendations, with incredible artwork, and prayer. Bob and Sharon Balk don't so much see their store as a business, but a mission and a ministry.

I can testify to this; as I became a regular customer and came to know them, they have promised to pray for my intentions, and I have prayed for theirs. I have met them at daily mass, and we trade our spiritual lessons. It's like a little home-town store in the big city. And so often, as I browse, other customers come in and are recognized by name. This is no longer a common thing in the business world, and yet, such a place is so NEEDED in our society.

They do have a small internet site, for those of you who can't get here directly, and if you don't find what you want, you can give them a call.

For those of you in the local area, St. George's is near the corner of Central Av (Hwy 65) in Blaine and Highway 242. From Central, take a left (west) on 242, take your first right onto Ulyssses, and your first left onto...whatever residential street that is. Then take your first left into the parking lot of the little L-shaped strip mall. St. George's is in the corner.

Please do go check out their website, and if it so behooves you, especially if you are local, please put a plug in on your blog or website for this wonderful store. And those of you who may not be local, please still post a link, because as we all know, the internet is the store of the future.

But I would encourage you to go there and experience this home-grown, family-owned Catholic business in person if you are able. They would love to meet you (and sell you a few things!)


Unknown said...


I just put a link to the St George bookstore on Stella Borealis.

Interestingly, I was musing about other Catholic bookstores in the Twin Cities area and of course I already had links to Leaflet and St Patrick's Guild.

Then I thought of Apostle Books & Gifts in Mtka and checked to see if they had a web page. They don't, but somebody has entered them on the Wikipedia Map, with the description "a christian catholic bookstore used as a money laundering front."

Wow! That's the first time that I have seen something like that on Wikipedia. I have made corrections and additions in the past, but always where honest errors were present.

Look See:

I think there is a Catholic bookstore down in Lakeville, too, but I can't recall the name of it.

Adoro said...

I think you're thinking of Holy Cross books and gifts. They are advertised on Relevant Radio a lot.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Adoro! I've got 'em posted.