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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Marian Sisters of the Diocese of Lincoln Holy Week Retreat!

The Lincoln Diocese is known nationally to be a solid, faithful haven for all those seeking to find authentic Catholic life and devotion. An authoratative source from this wonderful community has contacted me with the request to pass on some information for their upcoming Holy Week retreat.


The Sisters invite all single young women (ages 18-32 plus high school seniors) to their Holy Week Retreat beginning Holy Thursday, April 5 at 6:00 p.m. and will finish on Holy Saturday, April 7 at 2:00 p.m.

Father Dan Seiker will be leading the retreat, which will be held at the Catholic Center. Cost to attend the retreat is $30.00 for students and $40 for non-students. Scholarships are available.

To register or for more information please contact Sister Janelle at either or call 402-786-2750

"Keep Jesus Crucified fixed in your heart and all the crosses of the world will seem to you to be roses."
St. Padre Pio

Could there be any better way to prepare for the central celebration of our Catholic faith?


Anonymous said...

It sounds fantastic - too bad I am old and married!

But I did have to comment...Sr. Janelle? It just seems so...modern?

Adoro said...

Not a bit! I've actually been communicating with one of the Sisters for months now, and believe you me, they are faithful with a capital F! They love JPII, they love the Pope, they love Jesus, and they have held on to their habits and all the beautiful teachings of the Church.

I would not post a link to an order that I would distrust.

Remember...I'm the New Age new-ageyness on my blog, and that includes religious communities! If they sport pantsuittheism or labyrinths, or centering prayer, they do not get listed!


Matthew said...

I am a fan of the Diocese of Lincoln! They have the FSSP, one of the best groups ever! I even read that altar girls are prohibited in that diocese - the only diocese in the country to do so.

Anonymous said...



Oh are such a blessing!

Adoro said...

:-) I didn't make up that word, either Curt Jester or Gerald Augustine did, but I still like it.

And as far as the names...Vatican II discussed religious vows as being the fulfillment of baptismal vows. Not all communities change their names, because it isn't a part of their tradition. The Marian Sisters are VERY faithful both to the Church and their traditions, so be careful not to judge an order by the names of the Sisters. I love the symbolism of changing one's name, also, and admit that in the past I've tended to associate it with the more faithful communities, but I've been educated by a wonderful sister I know and she has set me straight in this regard.

By the way, that particular sister also read the term "pansuitheism" on another blog and loved it! :-)I've been charged with the duty to promulgate the term in whatever way I can...


Anonymous said...

Adoro - now I understand. Thank you for letting me know!I guess in my mind Sr. Eucharistia of the Holy Cross on Mt. Calvary just sounds holier than Sr. Brittney or Sr. Jessica. But a name doesn't make one holy, does it? It's what is inside.