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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pope and the Witch - opens this week

The play which has so served to discredit the U of M and especially their theatre department and President Bruinicks is set to open tomorrow evening.

I was just watching the news, and Channel 9 has a story on it tonight.

Sadly, they featured a student who is "passionate" about population control; ostensibly because the play attacks...oh. ahem, right...."discusses" the Catholic Church's teachings about abortion and contraception.

I wonder if the guy who is so "passionate" about population control is aware of the population implosion that will render his Social Security benefits non-existant, or if he's aware of the implosion over in Europe? The story of course did not discuss what his position is on "population control" but given the overall tone of the story, he was approving of Dario Fo's attack...ahem...discussion.


So sad, to live in such a world that finds it appropriate to propagate such a travesty in the name of "education". I wonder what's going to happen to all the Catholic students as people start to question them on the Church's moral teachings? What will they say? To date, catechesis has still not been great, although it's improving, so what we have is a bunch of defensless Catholics who are not prepared to face the backlash that could come against them as a result of this play.

I guess the U forgot to consider their Catholic students when they agreed to allow such a play to go on.

I do have to comment on one thing, however; the news was stating that there have been some threatening e-mails. They didn't indicate what kind of "threats" were involved, and I am saddened that some people seem to feel that the way to get their point across is to threaten others. Not very Christian, and definitely an act to be condemned.

Real Catholics don't send threatening e-mails. Period. Real Catholics remember that Faith and Reason are necessarily linked, and we use those things as the basis for our response against unjust attacks against our beliefs. Threats have no place in our theology or in the practice of our faith.


Unknown said...

Congratulations, Adoro, on you being featured in the PPD's article this morning on premiere of TP&TW. You, Cathy of Alex and Father "Z" are my heroes and the stars of the show.

The Strib, "Pagan Central" for this area, didn't bother to print anything because those who don't see it as were out purchasing "pope hats" for the opening night parties.

It is interesting that Arthur Schlesinger Jr., who coined the phrase that "Anti-Catholism is the last acceptable prejudice" died yesterday.

No coincidence.

Thank you Adoro!

Adoro said...

Awww....Ray! I'm happy to defend my faith.

I didn't realize that Arthur Schleisinger coined that phrase. Wow. No, no coincidence.

Sanctus Belle said...

"I guess the U forgot to consider their Catholic students when they agreed to allow such a play to go on."

Sadly, I'd bet they truly believed they were doing the Catholics a favor - opening up thier minds to the "enlightened" truths of overpopulation and contraception, no doubt freeing thier poor brainwashed minds from all those pesky ideas of right and wrong, all that annoying "Catholic guilt" No what we need are more youth experiencing the "joys" of promiscuity, abortion and STD's! (note the sarcasm please...)

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Adoro: I think it is very wise to point out that a Catholic should not use violence and threats.