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Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Feminization of Man does not heal Woman

The Crescat has a post about the evil feminazis who are trying to turn boys into little girls by "outlawing" behavior which is foundational to their development. And she makes a great point, in that the feminists of this ilk ruin everything, turn men into sniveling women while they turn into rampaging brawny butches.

I just don't get it. What is "feminine" about such a "feminist"? How does making oneself "powerful" by emasculating a man, even from boyhood, make one more powerful? I haven't seen anything but the destructiveness of such an immature and mislead ideology.

I used to be somewhat of a feminist, although admittedly, I was not an extremist. Their complete lack of logic was actually embarassing.

When I was in law enforcement skills training, we had a class of somewhere around 300 total...and only 11 women. Four or five women were in my section. (The divisions were para-military and thus we had "sections", not "classes").

Oh, and by the way, they do not make women's uniform pants; they are men's trousers, and they are NOT flattering on women. And brown polyester doesn't look good on men, either. I can't believe we dress police and future police so badly in this country. But I digress.

Our regular instructors were ALL men, and they made us all meet the same standard; no one got any breaks. They were just as crass to the women as to the men, but with a certain professional censorship, for their "crassness" had a point which related to our training. They made it clear that we all had to work hard, and just because some people happened to be equipped with a penis and some of us not, we all had do our best. This was not a game; this was for real and some day, we'd have to live up to all this training and not get ourselves killed. A dead cop is a dead cop, male or female.

I'm proud to say that I am a woman trained by men who weren't afraid to be men, training men to be men...and women how to be cops in spite of the fact that our nature was not masculine.

There was one woman, however, who did her best to look like a man, act like a man, and set out every day as though to prove she was really a man. It actually made her the source of much derision for she came across as only delusional and misguided. She was so certain that the culture demanded that she not be a woman, that she had to set out to prove her sex was not an obstacle. It was as though she was embarassed to be female, and to an extent, that's what feminism does; it is a denial that by not having a penis, we are "less", thus we have to overcome this "weakness" and work hard to be more "male" than all other men.

Sometimes we'd have guest instructors who came in to teach us about specific specialties. For example, a retired cop from the Minneapolis bomb squad came in to teach us about explosives, blasting caps, and the like. He made it a point not to even LOOK at any of the women in the classroom. It was so obvious even the guys noticed and commented...and God knows that, in His wisdom, he did not create men to be naturally observant about such social behavior. So you KNOW it has to be a pretty blatant offense.

I will admit, I was offended, but I was also struck by the irony; here was this man who clearly did not believe women deserved to wear the badge, yet whether he liked it or not, we were benefitting from his knowledge and he couldn't do a thing about it. I'm thinking that we DEFINITELY had the upper hand, and this washed my sense of offended-ness into nothing. I appreciated his knowledge and experience, so I took advantage of what he did not want to teach us, and I learned as much as I could.

Nearing the end of the program, I was pulled aside by the ex-cop who ran the skills training program. No one got called aside by this guy unless they had really screwed I was shaking in my spit-shined shoes, fearful I must have done something wrong.

As it turned out, I had done something right; he trusted my opinion. He commented to me that he had recieved the surveys which had been passed out to all the students, and wanted to be sure that women were being treated fairly, etc. Certainly, this would have to do in part of fear of a legal reprisal, but I also believe with all my heart that he WAS concerned that women were getting the same benefit as the men out of the program. He was a great instructor, and he wasn't easy on ANY of us, nor did he expect the other instructors to be. Nor did he want women treated more harshly. We all had a ton of respect for this man, who was not only an ex-cop, but previously had been a Green Beret. I think he might also have been a Vietnam Vet.

I gave him my honest opinion and I told him just what I shared with you all, but I added a caveat; that some "avid feminists" were too wrapped up in their ideology to realize that they had no right to compain about education given to them in spite of the unwillngness of the educator.

We also discussed the fact that some of the other male students didn't want to work with us; that was a fact. Some avoided us like the plague, and funny thing; we always managed to out-perform them. None of this was lost on the director or the other instructors, and they just chuckled. We acknowledged the reality; women are on the Job, women are doing the Job, and in many cases, women are doing it better than men because we bring certain gifts to the work and if we are doing things right, we don't have to "overcome" anything. Other than the prejudice of other cops, imagined or otherwise. Small potatoes.

Women don't need to be "men" in order to do similar jobs and hold similar careers. And Men should NOT become women in order to be respected. Such an act causes nothing but a lack of respect for both men and women.

Personally, it's going to take quite a man to sweep me off my feet. After all, I know how to knock a man three times my size unconscious, disarm a knife-fighter (not without damage to myself, but I could do it), and take down a guy more than 3 times my size. I can't STAND men who don't know how to be men. I can't respect them, because they are not fulfilling their role.

Here's a secret; I'm a woman. I WANT to know that a man will protect me, and CAN protect me. I have no problem with strong women, for the Blessed Mother was a VERY strong woman and she is my "hero". But if I hear a noise in the middle of the night, I claim the right to cower behind the dresser (holding my own weapon - an HK .9mm), while my husband takes the loaded .10 gauge down the stairs. He's primary; I'm backup. That's the way it's supposed to be. That's the way God designed it; the Mama stays with the babies with bared teeth while Papa goes out into the wilderness to make sure nothing comes close to his family.

But our culture, but for pockets here and there, have caved into this odd feminist self-defeating position that men must be more like women in order to solve societies problems. The opposite is true; men have been crippled in our society, and I've found it nearly impossible to meet a man my age who actually knows what it means to be a man.

I'd argue that by barring the instructor who didn't like women from teaching us would be harmful to us all; for lives could be saved through his knowledge. If some wishy-washy guy, terrified of being a man presented the same information with the typical wishy-washy attitude of relativism favored by feminists, well, bombs would be going off and blowing people up everywhere. Men don't have to step down in order to allow women to take over and become the protectors. MEN NEED TO BE MEN!

And it starts in childhood. It starts with kids. There's nothing wrong with "cops and robbers".

I'm sure there is some other type of extremist out there who would suggest that since I played such a "violent" game with my brother, that lead to law enforcement and stepping out of my role as a woman. To an extent, I might agree, but only on very general terms. In fact, I was a very shy child in general, and my share of the game was never that "violent". Nor was I ever "violent".

In fact, when I did finally become a cop, I NEVER had to have a physical battle with anyone. That's another story. I've got a few, as my regular readers are aware!

So women, stop raising your boys to be little shrinking violets. Get a grip. They're BOYS. They don't care about tanning lotion, dolls, or fashion. They like soldiers, cops and robbers, and cowboys and indians. Let them play. And if your little girl likes the same games, let her play them. After all, one day she might have to defend the boys you're emasculating now, so where would they be without her to defend their honor?


Cathy said...

I once broke a man's nose in the USCG.

Adoro said...


I accidentally body-slammed a guy in skills training. I thought he was going to resist, and it was a test to see if we could do the move. Well, I passed, but unfortunately my poor partner....well, he forgave me.

I think he's a cop in Northern MN now.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Adoro: Very thought provoking post.

Sarah Reinhard said...

Amen, sistah!

From the comment you made on my post earlier this week, and then when I read your comment here "it's going to take quite a man to sweep me off my feet. After all, I know how to knock a man three times my size unconscious, disarm a knife-fighter (not without damage to myself, but I could do it), and take down a guy more than 3 times my size. I can't STAND men who don't know how to be men. I can't respect them, because they are not fulfilling their role." Well, I was going to say something like that, Adoro. You have quite a guy waiting for you somewhere. Or maybe you are called to the vocation of being single and being the witness you are. Either way, you speak to me. You remind me of the dignity and the joy of the single life. Stay strong and keep up the great writing!

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. You say you want men to be men, but wouldn't that by default also mean women need to be women, and not doing a man's job?

Perhaps you need to define what you mean by "men". Is that the traditional definition you're thinking of, or something else?

Besides that, I'm getting tired of the "evil feminist" lingo. If you think women deserve the right to vote, guess what? You are a feminist. If you don't like the way that randy dyke acted, call her a randy dyke or some such. People throw everything they hate into the label "feminist" without thinking. Don't wanna be a feminist? Then don't vote, don't drive, stay home and have babies.

-Not picking on you! :)