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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Just some observations

The piece of breadcrust is still stuck in the bush outside my door. It hasn't been claimed by human nor bird nor squirrel. It did shift position slightly, but it's holding onto the branch for dear life.

I'm becoming quite attached to my own personal breadcrust in a bush.

Next topic...

I took my dogs to the vet on Friday for their shots. While there, I realized that my German Shepherd is shedding already. We've been in the negative temps for weeks now, and this cold snap is really holding on. Quite normal, really, but I'm surprised she is already beginning to blow her undercoat. Not only because it's so cold, but because that doesn't typically start until closer to the end of February, well into March at the earliest.

So I am predicting an early spring. I learned from a very young age to tell the weather from nature around us, because God so ordered the world to react to certain climatic changes before they happen.

For example; I grew up near the Rock River in Illinois, and we used to look at the river to discern what the skies were going to do. A glassy river always made my stomach churn, for it portended a storm. It was the deceptive calm before the storm.

The churning, muddy river meant cloudy weather, but despite the appearance of the water, it was calming to me for I learned this was its latent state. A state of calm.

The river was really into reverse psychology, you see.

And when the ice broke in the spring...well, I wrote about that once. That's when the river was at its most deadly and most destructive. It was always the CRACK! that told us what was about to happen.

Other signals in nature; the animals. Birds returning, sometimes flowers poking through snow. Dogs and other animals shedding their coats, like mine is now.

This is a bit early to shed. Any other pet owners noticing early shedding? I'm just curious, but still, I predict an early spring.

It's just around the corner, y'all!


Warren said...

"The Choir" has a song that mentions that slugs seem to know more about the weather than the weather man does. This is of course little surprise in fact, but it does sort of give those of us who realize how limited our human knowledge of the natural world really is, a reason to poke fun at those of us who seem to think science is practically flawless, and that our knowledge of the universe is boundless and profound, rather than partial and sketchy.

We are the new alchemists, if you like.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Adoro: I look at my cats coats for signs of weather too. Even though they don't go outside it still affects them.

Thanks for the breadcrust update!

Anonymous said...

I love the addition of art to your posts - and that doggie! Is he yours? (For me, dogs are boys and cats are girls.)

I could hug him and wrestle with him in the grass! Spring is coming!

Adoro said...


No, the dog in the photo is not mine. With my new computer, I'll be able to upload from my "new" used digital camera, but that stuff is too far beyond my technical ability right now.

The dog in that picture does look at lot like my girl, though...and you'd just LOVE her. :-)

My greyhound doesn't shed much to begin with (he's a boy), and so right now, he's not really doing anything other than trying to stay warm.

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

Totally off-topic, but congrats on your Catholic Blog Awards nomination! I just voted for you. :)

Adoro said...

Thanks, Jennifer. That truly means a lot to me!