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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Summer Potato Salad!

It's been awhile since I posted one of my "Foods I would serve Jesus" recipes, or, conversely, "Foods I would NOT serve Jesus", and so, today is that day.

On Friday, I had some wonderful potato salad at a friend's home, and it just gave me a craving for more. It's a warm, humid day with NO wind, so I thought...why not make potato salad to have with dinner tonight? Sure!

Growing up, Mom always made the salad with Idaho potatoes, but I tend to favor red, although I've never made it using the little red potatoes with the skins one. In fact, I haven't made this stuff for a couple of years!

So I went to the store after Mass and picked up the necessary main ingredients (I already have a 'fridge full of condiments) and I went to work. It wasn't long before I remembered exactly WHY I haven't made this salad in so long!

First, remember that it's a warm, humid day. And I'm trying hard not to turn on my air conditioning since I am short on money this summer anyhow (with the lack of work hours, increased gas, increased price for groceries....YOU know!). So as the humidity and temperature were going up inside my house, I was realizing the idiocy of my actions. Because of course I can't turn on the air if I'm in the process of heating up my house! Sheesh!

And then I overcooked the potatoes (meaning I had even MORE humidity than necessary in the house!), and went to work on the egg mixture, trying to get the flavor JUST RIGHT. And I chopped up the celery and thanked God I had picked up an onion at the store. And I had to sample the potatoes and the mixture to be sure it tasted right...the mix of mustard and egg and sweet onions and celery...mmmm.

So now the salad is chilling in the 'fridge, I'm STUFFED and no longer interested in eating it. And I'm not sure it's going to be very good, anyway. And funny thing about potato salad; as you have the ingredients separated, it doesn't look like very much. Because of course the egg yolks just become the "sauce". But no; when you put it all together, it's like it MULTIPLIES and become MORE...far more than one can possibly eat! But darn it, I had to PAY for those groceries so I'm going to eat potato salad until I turn into it...because I have enough to last me every meal for a WEEK! And as I don't think it'll be very good, well...this is going to be penance. And I'm REALLY GLAD Jesus isn't coming to dinner tonight. He'd never visit me again if I gave him this stuff!

But I'll give you the recipe anyway. Chances are that if you cook all the time, you won't overcook the potatoes or make too much of the stuff.

* a bunch of red potatoes, or russets, cut the eyes out. If using red, keep the skins on. If using russets, peel.

* a bunch of eggs.

Boil both...the potatoes should be soft but still slightly firm (i.e. not mushy) The eggs should be cooked so that the yolk is firm and pale yellow.

Peel the eggs, spoon the yolks into a bowl and mash them with a fork or something. Add lots of gooey mayo, mustard, and stir it all together. Add salt or pepper to taste. I actually added garlic salt.

Chop the egg whites, some onion and celery, and add it to the egg yolk. Stir it into the potatoes and put the entire mess in the 'fridge.

Clean the egg off the bowls, the cupboard doors, and the dog. Make sure all the onion bits are off the floor (they're poisonous to dogs). Take the garbage out because you just filled it up with random things from the refrigerator that aren't fit for human consumption and haven't been for a long time. (You discovered these items while hunting for a place to put the salad.) Rinse out the bowls and get the egg and mayo and mustard off the silverware, and get the potato off the knife or you'll never be able to use it again.

Then go take a nap while you wait for the house to cool down.

If I feel like eating this stuff later, I'll add an update.

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