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Monday, July 28, 2008

Goin' Home Now..on a Jet Plane!

I did something quit shocking last Thursday...I got on a plane and headed to Ohio, a state I've never visited. But that's not the shocking part; people do that all the time. No, the shocking part is still coming....

I was coming to Ohio to visit several people I've never met in person, only via the internet. And let me tell you...I do NOT recommend that anyone do such a thing! And two of my friends, Fr. V. and Fr. Schnippel (who, by the way, also had never even met each other before that day) chastized me greatly for taking such a risk. And from that point on, a great time was had by all!

Also prominent among the "strangers" who are now friends were Uncle Jim, Lillian-Marie, and some monikered commenters such as MJ and guest blogger at Adam's Ale, CK, who also joined into the fray.

There is much to tell...but you'll have to wait. I'm still mulling over the adventured of the weekend, and besides...I haven't had any coffee yet. My gracious hostess, CK, has a coffee machine that, as she said, requires an Engineering degree in order to run, and the dear lady is still asleep in her exhaustion from the weekend. (So am I, so are we all!) In any case, I can barely form thoughts in the morning, much less run a complicated coffee maker!

Late this afternoon I'll get on a plane (a puddle-jumper, actually) and return to Minneapolis, sad to be leaving all of my friends in Ohio. But I've got a suggestion from Fr. S. to visit Cincinnatti, a hint from Uncle Jim and Aunt Ros to visit Indiana, and have to promise to return before Lillian-Marie enters the convent next May. No word on whether Fr. V. looks forward to my return... OH! And of course, I'm also expecting these friends to head up to my neck of the woods at some point in the future.

More to come...after I get home...and get some photos developed. For now...I'm headed to the kitchen for the coffee that is now brewing.

See ya back in the Land of 10,000 Lakes!


Rob said...

Next time come to Ogden, Utah.

uncle jim said...

AND i was to work by 6am this morning and by 7am was so busy i almost forgot all about all of you...but not quite.

hope to hear from you on your return to the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

DON't you EVER do such a crazy thing again!!!! ... unless it is to come to Indiana

Unknown said...

I remember a time, maybe it was 15 years ago, when my young sister casually told me that she was flying off to Canberra, Australia to meet some guy.

Talk about stroke, apoplexy, shock, etc.

After I got off the floor, we chatted about it a bit but even though she was well into adulthood, I was very worried.

But I exchanged a few emails with him, talked to him on the phone once, learned he had three teenagers living with him (he was a widower) and I became resigned to the trip.

She had a great time, nothing further came of it although they do still occasionally communicate.

But there are enough horror stories around that if Adoro had been 16, I'd have been out at the airport lying in front of that 747, attempting to prevent the takeoff.

Glad you had a great time, Adoro.

Fr. V said...

Of COURSE you are welcome back! Anytime. I might even pick you for my bocce team again.

Adoro said...

RJW ~ I'd love to meet you and Tara and Fr. Reichtsteig! (Oh my goodness, did I finally spell his name right? Or should I apologize again? )

Uncle Jim ~ I'm sorry. I'll never do it again. I promise. I'm so glad I have you all to look out for me, God knows what would happen if I didn't! So...when should I head that direction? LOL!

Ray ~ No, you wouldn't have been! You would have looked at my verification info (remember I'm an investigator) and you would have just sent an email to everyone involved stating that if anything happens to me, they die a slow painful death. And the Fathers and all others would have respected that position because you would have intimidated them, brother! Don't get crushed by a plane! (But if I had a 16 year old I was concerned about, let me tell you I would have taken on the TSA and all the other official initials to keep her off the plane!)

Fr. V. ~ I misspoke, sorry. You DID say I could come back and next time I should bring my dog. And you'd love my dog...I'll have to send you some more pics.

Will you be her DogFather?

Adoro said...

Oh, Fr. might want to remember that Fr. S. picked me for HIS team... we KICKED YOUR BUTT!


But...I'd be happy to serve on your team if you were to pick me....

Rob said...

You spelled it right. Come on out sometime. Fr. Erik occasionly quotes "The Princess Bride" at weddings. Mandy Patinkin was here in May. We have Bocci too. We do have 3.2 beer but we can by the real stuff at the state store.

Adoro said...

That would be so much fun!