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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm Leavin' on a Jet Plane!

Things will be quiet around here for the next several days as I take a little jaunt of a flight to another city on a lake in another state.

It's been a crazy couple days just preparing for this trip. Of course, it wouldn't be so bad, just throwing some stuff in a suitcase, but because a friend is coming to stay at my house to dogsit while I'm away, I spent a long time cleaning, making sure it was set up for another person with my junk and clutter out of her way.

Gotta say...just taking the dog to a kennel is a lot easier, but my dog doesn't eat in captivity...something I learned when I first adopted her. So keeping her home is the best for her and besides...she loves visitors! Although I KNOW she's going to take advantage with Alpha Dog being away and I'll probably have to really crack down when I get back!

Such is life with pets. But it's worth it!

I haven't taken a trip anywhere in a long time and I need this vacation away from everything and plan to enjoy it!

Have a great weekend!


Lillian Marie said...

Prayers for a safe trip coming your way. See you soon!

Joyful Catholic said...

Have a great trip. I had a wonderful time away, worked in a pilgrimage, too, in April for two weeks! Up to Wisconsin. It was fabulous! I like driving alone, but sounds like yer flying. Either way, it's good to get away from "routine"...enjoy!

Bon Voyage! May you and your guardian angel have a swell time!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

All is well. Your buddy sends hair and slobber. Not me but YOU know who I mean! :-)

Melody K said...

Have a good time and a safe trip!