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Friday, April 20, 2007

Saint Meme

Terry at Abbey-Roads2 tagged me for a meme, and while I SHOULD be studying, it's Friday night and I'm goofing off. For shame!

The instructions from the originator of this meme, The Roving Medievalist, proceed as follows:

Those tagged will list their four favorite saints, their one favorite blessed, and one person they think should have been a saint.

I have many favorite Saints, so here goes:

St. Wenceslaus - He chose me for 2007, and his intercession has become known in small and large ways. He was a martyr, a catechist, and a king in more ways than one, and I pray for him to lead me in his footsteps through the drifts.

St. Joseph - Devotion instilled in me since I was a child, internalized as an adult, single woman, without an earthly father. He has made his intercession also known through small, everyday things. Thank you, St. Joseph.

St. Therese of Lisieux - Who doesn't love her? She's made her presence known to me in big ways, both through active requests of her intercession and without request. One night I was in the chapel, weeping as I struggled, waiting to speak to Father, praying, desperate for help. A woman stopped and nudged me, placing a homemade prayer booklet in my hands. She whispered discreetly that she'd brought the booklet for someone who wasn't there and she felt she was to give it to me. It consisted of several prayers for the intercession of St. Therese and a litany for private devotion. I have not seen that woman since, and other blessings have come to me from this Saint. I also have a bush that bloomed- 3 flowers - in October (in Minnesota!) on the 5th day of a Novena to St. Therese of Lisieux.

St. Anthony - Who doesn't need St. Anthony!

St. Therese of Avila - She was a debutante who left the life of materialism to become a humble woman of strong will and great intellect, such that she spoke for God and instructed Popes, calling them to conversion in some very dark times for the Church. She is the feminist of feminists (true feminism, that is!). She terrifies me for her instruction is unforgiving, but her intercession is one of great love for she desires that we all live up to our full dignity as human beings and become the Saints we have always been intended to become.

St. Peter, the Apostle - Because I am clueless most of the time, too, with a few moments of illumination, and I am constantly sticking my foot in my mouth even more deeply than he did. He gives me hope.

St. Thomas Aquinas - The Scholar, the Patron of my blog and my higher education, the Patron of the intellect I wish I had.

St. Faustina - Divine Mercy. Need I say more?

St. Padre Pio - My great-uncle was a friend of his, and added my brother and I to his list of Spiritual Children. He has revealed his intercession for me by using me as his hands to spread greater devotion to Christ in specific ways.

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati - He interceeded for me in a sensitive matter last Fall, as I prayed a novena to him. He is known for his mischief, but also his helpfulness in dire consequences. He is "The Man of the Beatitudes." To all fellow Frassati members, "VERSO D'ALTO!"

Father Walter Ciszek, S.J. - He went to serve the Church in communist Russia and was sent to prison, where he served the "least" of God's children. His writings have been of great comfort to me in my own personal prison and I have since become aware of several conversions of those who kept his Prayer of Surrender close to them while incarcerated. May God will that he be canonized as a Saint. He has assisted me in many ways and I often plead for his intercession while working.

And my blog would not be honest if I did not add the other unofficial Saint:
John Paul II - Need anything else be said?

I have not quite followed the meme in numbers, and so if you are reading this, I tag YOU! Spread the mesage, let me know if you are posting on your blog, and if you do not have a blog, answer in the comments section.

God bless you, and may all the Saints pray for us!


Terry Nelson said...

I forgot to list the person that should be a saint! O my gosh - Fr. Cisek - of course - he should deffinitely be canonized.

(I never read instructions!)

Anonymous said...

and, now that i know you're a frassati member, you just got another star in your glorious crown of credibility. there is avery active group in our diocese and i think very highly of the caliber of people they're attracting - like you!

Adoro said...

terry ~ I remember our little discussion about him sometime around last fall or near Christmas, you called him a modern-day "St. Frances de Sales."

OH! And THERE'S another Saint I have to add!

uncle jim ~ Thanks! That's high praise from you! :-)

Melody K said...

Okay, I'll bite. Here's my list:
St. Margaret of Scotland; she was a multi-tasking wife and mom, who also had responsibilities outside the home, somehow she seemed to hold it all together.
St. Cecilia; courageous martyr, also the patron saint of us choir people.
St. Francis de Sales; I love his writings.
St. Juliana Falconieri; she hated gossip and refused to listen or participate (that's something I need to watch). I like the story of how, when she was on her deathbed, she was too ill to receive Viaticum, so the priest placed a cloth over her heart, and laid the Host on it. It disappeared into her, and so she miraculously recieved it. Also, she has such a pretty name.
Blessed Frederic Ozanam; he founded the St. Vincent de Paul Society, which has helped so many people in need. He was also a husband and father.
Person who should be a saint: Leonie Martin, St. Therese's sister. As Adoro said, who doesn't love St. Therese. But nothing went right for Leonie, she had to struggle her whole life. She wanted to be a nun, but had to enter 3 different convents before things finally worked out. That would be a lot of rejection to handle. In spite of it all, she was a holy and good person.

Anonymous said...

Could you please post Father Walter Ciszek's Prayer of Surrender?
Thank you very much!