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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Atheism is NOT a Religion!

H/T to Happy Catholic

The Blogger's Choice awards is going on right now, and in the "religion" category, an Atheist blog is winning!

So get thee over there and vote for a blog that actually involves religion!

Some very prominent Catholic blogs are featured. You will have to register, but it's painless and I got the email to confirm the account immediately.

What are you waiting for? GO!

UPDATE: Friday, April 13, 6:00 pm

Atheism is falling off the charts. Catholics are ahead. Thanks be to God!


Anonymous said...

Well, atheism is religious in a way. After all if God does not exist what exactly is the atheist protesting or disbelieving? They can't protest or disbelieve in nothing...(with thanks to Abp. Sheen!)

Adoro said...

True, but they sure shouldn't be winning in the "religious" category!

Let the Truth reign...not the lie of the faithless path of willing rejection of God!

Anonymous said...

You are right of course - I am just in a pot-stirring mood today.

Adoro said...

Really? I'm in a pot-tossing mode today....

Fr. Ben Hawley, SJ said...

Toss those pots!! Thanks for alerting us to the voting. I'm already signed up.

Sometimes it is helpful to ask atheists what God they don't believe in. Often it is a God already denounced as a heresy in the early centuries of Christianity or in a negative image the "atheist" picked up somewhere. Even a brief conversation about the God we've come to know and love can be a help, maybe even a revelation, to an "atheist."

Sanctus Belle said...

I linked there via your site and voted - thanks for the tip! Notice how the top 10 religious blogs are Catholic? (except the Atheist one)At least that's where it stood when I voted!

Adoro said...

thanks, Sanctus!

Yeah...Catholics rock! :-)

You don't think it shows that I have a bias, do you? :-)