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Monday, April 23, 2007

Major Prayer Request

I have a request, everyone - I need prayers in a major way!

This afternoon I sent off a resume and cover letter for a position at a local church. A little over a week ago, my friends contacted me and told me I had to apply for this job. My initial thought was that I was not qualified, for one of the requirements states that the applicant should have an undergrad degree in Theology.

I was grateful that my friends, who attend that parish, thought of me, however I just figured they weren't aware of my lack of that particular piece of paper. Yes, I have a B.A. degree...but not in that subject!

But they persisted, called me last Tuesday and gave me more information, insisting that this is something that I had to pursue. And of course, my friend's enthusiasm was infectious and it seems that I may be qualified, after all. Upon a closer review of the requirements, I can see how many of my current skills are transferable and would be put to use in this position. Even more importantly, my love of the Church, my desire to spread the faith, and my need to work in a positive Christ-centered environment will be met. My friends highly recommended her parish as a good place to work!

Please keep this intention in your prayers. I do truly want this job, given the information I have about it. I don't know how much it pays, but if it's God's will, then it will be enough and He will provide for any shortfalls. I have to trust in that.

If this s not the job for me, then, given all the other things wrapped up in this endeavor, the Holy Spirit has clear designs for me to at least interview for it. Perhaps a certain connection has to be made, or perhaps it will serve as a way to get me out of my rut and see possibilities I have not considered before this.

I have to say, though, that my resume is such a COMPLETE mismatch for the job, at least on the surface, and I fear that some of my background might make me come across as someone I don't happen to be anymore. Yet experience is experience and my history is what it is. I can't change, so I hope that there are redeeming qualities that will positively influence my future.

Only God knows the reasons for this "call" and I submit to His complete will in this. Is it wrong that I hope that His will and my will are a match on this one, though?

God bless you and thank you for your prayers. The ultimate intention in this case is that God's will be done. Amen!


Odysseus said...

Tomorrow morning's rosary is for you. I will include your name in my class's prayer intentions tomorrow, as well.

Melody K said...

Good luck, Adoro; it sounds exciting! I'll keep you in my prayers, that whatever is God's will in the matter will happen.

Adoro said...

Thank you, Rob, I'm touched. (By the way...this position involves children...)

melody ~ Thank you. May God's will be done!

Anonymous said...

and i happen to know (secretly) that our dre is going to tender her resignation soon. one of her primary responsibilities is with the k-8 religious education [ccd] program for all non-parish-school children.

what would it take to get you here to east central IN? i'll kick in part of the bus fare.

Adoro said...

LOL, Uncle Jim....I KNOW I'm not qualified for that, but if God called me to it, I think He'd send a Lear jet if necessary!


I'm so willing to say YES, I'll come!

But I do have to say that as long as my Mom is alive I don't think I should leave the state. :-)

Then again, may God's will, not mine, be done.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get the job. May the Holy Spirit be propitious.
When will you know the result of your application?


Cathy said...

I'll keep your intention in my prayers.
St. Joseph the Worker, pray for her!

Adoro said...

Theophilus ~ The apps (cover letters/resumes) are due the first of May, and they are planning interviews for the first week in May.

So we'll see how that goes! I've never interviewed for a job in a church before so this will be quite different than any of my previous experiences (government, business, social services).

Ma Beck ~ thank you!