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Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Saturday Evenening Blog Post - December edition

A couple months ago I linked to a wonderful endeavor, THE SATURDAY EVENING BLOG POST  over at Elizabeth Esther. This is actually my first submission, and guess what, everyone...there's room for MORE!  So pick your favorite post of the month, head on over and maybe find some other cool blogs and bloggers!

In looking over my posts over the month, I decided on one that seemed to be popular:  How to Study Theology. Even though it's a bit long, it seems to me anyone can identify with it by simply inserting their own subject, and the length...well, let's face it:  when you're trying to study Theology (or Math, or Science, or Literature, etc...), it's soooo easy to just get caught up in that much-needed humor....


C'mon. Put the book aside. You KNOW you want to submit a post...and read a few....

(Seriously people, I need to finish my essay questions for Moral Theology, for Mariology on St. Louis de Montfort and Our Lady of Guadalupe, and study for my Liturgy & Sacraments test to take place next Saturday....and kitchen needs a little cleaning and some blogs need to be read...and the dog needs a walk.....) 

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