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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dog's First Vet Visit

En route to Minnesota, the dogs, including "Bear" were checked out and given shots at a vet clinic.  But last night I saw a pool of blood which was clearly coming from a very sensitive area of the dog, who, as you recall, has not been neutered.

I was thinking it's a good chance it was a urinary tract infection, maybe something worse given the fact it was BLOOD, and quite a bit of it!

So this morning I called the placement coordinator, she got ahold of the vet clinic they use and they decided they DID want to see the dog. So I called them and drove all the way across town to get him to the vet.  They gave me some "Harmoneez" for his kennel anxiety, and I drove BACK across town to pick up the prescription for antibiotics from the Rescue group's main office.  They also gave me valerian for him, to be given about 30 minutes before I go anywhere. Hopefully the combination of things will help him settle down a bit.

Gotta tell ya, I am so thankful that this week I have some flex in my work schedule and ability to do some of it from home. But I'm still having to take some time off work, unplanned, to deal with all of it.

And I'm going to be perfectly honest:  once "Bear" is adopted, I probably won't be fostering again any time soon. It's turning out to be a much greater commitment than it seemed and given that this is going to be a VERY tough semester in school AND a spring from Hell at work....I won't be able to do this kind of thing for every dog that comes along.

As it is, if I can't get him to settle down in his kennel so that I can actually go away to work for 8 hours, I'll have to ask that they place him with another foster home.   He's an awesome, sweet, easy-going dog in every other way, rides perfectly in the car and just wants to be your buddy.

So here's to hoping the stuff they gave me for him today works!  (it'll get a test tonight when I go to Mass!)


Cathy_of_Alex said...

How's Fuzzy holding up with this change in her situation?

Adoro said...

I am reminded that she is MUCH happier as an only dog. But she's fine.

Melody K said...

So, it was an infection?
You're right, nothing is set in stone, and if it turns out to be a lot more than you bargained for, you can make other arrangements. It sounds like ultimately a farm family might be a good fit for him. But I'm betting that that this week will be the worst, and then things will start turning around.

Adoro said...

Melody ~ They think it's a UTI but have to wait for the bloodwork to rule out kidney infection or kidney stones.

It could be caused by him "holding it" due to stress of being in a new place, not knowing how to go potty when attached to a leash, etc. Lots of stress for him right now.

And for me!

I hope it gets better. I've had a dog with real separation anxiety and it got much much WORSE before it got better. I simply am not able to deal with that particular problem right now. But hopefully he'll calm down and settle in. I think a lot of it, when he's kenneled, it's a fairly new experience to be in such a small space. Poor dog!

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

Oh poor baby!! My heart goes out to him and you.

I hope he feels better, and I hope you get some sleep.

If it helps, the people I know who have fostered are either stay at home moms or are at home part time. It's a huge responsibility, as you know. Hang in there!

Adoro said...

Katherine ~ last night I slept better than I have since he got here (see my next post...he slept in my room, not in the kennel, which means I slept in my own bed again!), but was still a rough night as I was on guard for ANYTHING.

I know people who foster animals and yes, they are PT employed or stay at home, much easier for them in many ways. At the same time, most people who adopt pets are working full time!