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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

He Has Arrived!

My foster dog arrived this evening and much to my surprise, my current German Shepherd actually let him in! (She seems more surprised than anything else and seems to be sulking a bit right now. How DARE I bring another canine into her house?!)

This poor dog looks like a bear, actually, especially given the scars on his muzzle.  And he IS really timid, very jumpy and if I don't approach him without his nearly making eye contact with me, he shies away.

"Bear" as I think I might have to call him, is just skin and bones. He's obviously been neglected. should NOT be able to count a German Shepherd's ribs or find the point where the hip sticks out like a sharp rock outcropping.

We let him run around my tiny lower level, sniffing, getting acquainted German-Shepherd style, and he quickly found a little bag of garbage, which he decided to claim. Yup...we went into the kitchen just in time to see that he had definitely made himself at home by marking my cabinets. Unfortunately, that also means he marked the INSIDE as well.  Good thing I have enzyme cleaner, to be followed by lysol when the enzyme cleaner dries!

No, we didn't yell, not loudly, just enough to get him out of the kitchen so he could go outside.

Even though he apparently  helped himself earlier this evening to some lemon bars (while on a stop en route to MN), I fed him some dinner tonight;  just a little hamburger and rice, thinking some bland food is good for him. I also tried to feed him by hand as I mentioned earlier. Unfortunately, he doesn't know how to deal with that and tried to actually eat my hand. Realizing if I wanted to keep my appendages, I just put the food in a bowl and decided to be satisfied with holding the bowl for him.

This poor dog seems to walk fine on the leash, probably because he has no idea what it is, and he doesn't seem to know that when he's on it, it means he's supposed to be going potty outside. I'll have to count on my dog to teach him about going potty while on walks, not while wandering around the kitchen.  He also clearly has never been taught any obedience;  we have the impression that he was probably kept locked up in a kennel and just yanked out when it was time to be a stud.

It's going to take some slow work and patience, but I think "Bear" is going to make some family very very happy.

I guess my new role as a foster "mom" becomes clearer to me, and I'm humbled. I hope I really am able to help this dear creature come out of his shell and become the wonderful, loyal friend his breed is INTENDED to be!

P.S. I also hope to find a way to get him to a groomer's....he's really stinky! He has NOT been an "indoor dog!"   Anyone wanna donate a "bath" at a local Petsmart or Petco?  Or somewhere else?  I don't have good dog facilities for bathing and he needs a gentle touch.  Open to suggestions especially if anyone local knows of a place that's willing to help out a dog rescue!


Mary333 said...

He might be stinky but his face is beautiful. Good luck, Adoro :)

Adoro said...

Mary ~ Oh, he does have a beautiful face. I hope to get more photos to show of him so you can see. It's hard to show how his ribs stick's apparent in person but hard to get in photos. Poor guy!

He'll fatten up quickly here, though! :-)

Rishabh said...

hey..i liked ur blog...its so cool & happening..keep posting like this..hope u have a rocking life ahead in the coming NEW-YEAR..i will become ur follower..hope u would like to visit my blogs too..

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

You have some work cut out for you, training this new dog and helping her survive and grow, but it is good work. I am sure it will be rewarding to have this new friend.

Happy new year to you and to both the dogs!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Adoro: The Highland Park Petco has a Self-Service dog wash that is $12 (with a frequent bather program!). It has all the gear. You can just walk-in but I've had people tell me that you can also make a reservation to use it. 651-696-1906. Now, I realize this is a hike but maybe other Petco's have this service as well.

If you go there, take a moment to pray by the nearby abortuary on Ford Parkway. :-(

Adoro said...

Elizabeth ~ This one is a "him", and so far...not neutered. So housetraining is goin to be very very interesting and probably messy!

Cathy ~ That's a bit far for me to drive. And given how sensitive this dog is, I think it might be best to have a professional bathe him, someone familiar with really jumpy dogs. Seriously, can't even handle his paws, he totally freaks out!

Fr. V said...

Giving a dog a bath is a great way for you to bond with him.

(I only say that because Sebastian LOVES bathes and I have an extra tub - and plenty of drain de-clogger!)

If you bring him over for a play date I will give him a bath for you!

Adoro said...

Fr. V. ~ LOL, 14 hours is an awful long drive for a bath! :-)

Terry Nelson said...

He is handsome - I love dogs. You are so generous to be a foster mom!

Abbey said...

This precious animal is blessed to have you! He may have been abused which is why he is so timid. My daughter adopted a small dog who was abused. She is still timid of men, but she loves females. She is growing less afraid as time goes by. Hoping that your New Year is very blessed! Thank you for praying for me and mine.


nazareth priest said...

He is a cutie.
Good luck with him. I'm sure he'll be loved back into health!

Charlene C. Duline said...

Hi Adoro. You and Bear will bond in no time. I wondered about your planning to feed him by hand. Now we know that is not doable. Poor baby, I'll bet he's been terribly abused. He'll hate to leave your side when it's time for him to go. I would love to foster, but it is very, very difficult for me to part with a critter. We only part at death or when I leave a country, and then I spend a lot of time finding the right family for "my children." It was so traumatic the last time that I decided I cannot have animals overseas unless I can bring them home with me. And that is nearly impossible when you are going to be staying in a hotel for several weeks or months. For now, I'll live vicariously through you and the adventures of Bear. Give him a hug for me!

Charlene C. Duline said...

P.S. Forgot to add that he is a very handsome doggie! Keep him close to you and he'll love and trust you in no time!

Melody K said...

Awww, what a cute face! Sounds like you know he had the lemon bars because the subject, um, came up. Yeah, it will be a bit of a challenge teaching him indoor manners. But it sounds as if he wants to please you, so that will work in your favor. I'll pray to St. Francis for you both!

Adoro said...

Terry ~ I think I'm more crazy than generous!

Father ~ I'm trying..going to take a lot of love for this guy!

Abbey ~ It could be just plain neglect...he doesn't know about petting and good things.

Charlene ~ That would be really hard. :-( But I just posted the next installment!

Melody ~ I knew about the lemon bars before he got here. I was warned about it and that he might get sick. Actually...he hasn't. I'm still watching closely!