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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Mantilla Twitch to Newsbobber...And A Few Friends

I don't often reference the News or News Organizations as, for the most part, there are so many other bloggers who do so that I figure my random two cents becomes part of a mindless echo chamber.  Granted, there are stories that NEED to be put out there, and I am not adverse to doing so. But this is different and I think maybe I owe some publicity towards an organization that seems to deserve it! (It helps that I'm trying to study theology for my final and find this as a necessary diversion from that task.)

By accident, one day some time ago while randomly checking out my "Feedjit" widget on the side, I saw a reference to "Newsbobber". I'd never heard of them, so figured maybe I should check out this source apparently referring to me.

As it seems, they are an independent internet news service, collecting Minnesota-based news, and it seems they have a special love for Minnesota bloggers.  (That alone makes me a fan;  seriously, a news service that isn't disdainful or condescending of bloggers, but rather, HIGHLIGHTS us? Wow!)  I'm especially impressed because of the fact they have determined a way to rank the top 100 Minnesota blogs (hottest blogs) , regardless of the subject matter. It's purely mathematical.

I can't pretend to understand it of course, as several blogs have the same score, but I think the difference comes from the way they measure the RSS feeds, subscribers, google page rank, etc.  You can read their directory and ranking faq yourself for more information. Just don't come back and try to explain it to me. I really don't care at all and only provide the link for the mathematical geeks among you.

In any case, a couple months ago I sent this info to my friend Ray at Stella Borealis Catholic Roundtable, and he has apparently kept up his own analysis of the situation.  I've kept my own tabs on the status my friends, such as Cathy of Alex  at Recovering Dissident Catholic and Terry Nelson from Abbey-Roads but can't figure out why Swissmiss doesn't make the rankings, and I  haven't seen my dear friends, the Hadleys & Company at Our Word at all. That's an absolute CRIME! (FYI....Our Word isn't specifically a religion blog, but discusses art, music, news, and contemporary culture. If they're NOT on your blog list then you CLEARLY haven't any culture at all!)

Based on Newsbobber's faq page, someone actually spends time with each blog in order to write a brief review, and based on the blurb about mine, they did their homework in that they are hitting the big points.  I do have a quibble with what they said about mine as it seems to take three months of my life as a police officer and makes it sound like it was a bigger career. It wasn't. It was three months. An important three months of my life, to be sure, especially considering that I didn't get killed and no one died BECAUSE of me, but I can't deny that the experience lives on in me even now, so many years later.  I don't fault the reviewer for this; clearly they were skimming and trying to get a feel for my main topics and who I am especially considering I continue to write under a pseudonym.  All in all, I think their short commentary on my blog is fair and does tell the reader what they're up for if they click on my link.  Kudos for that!

Anyway, that is my PSA for the month.  If you are a citizen of Minnesota, someone from another state or country wanting to know what's going on in Minnesota, or a Minnesota blogger, this is a site you want to know about.  Go ahead and suggest blogs, go ahead and patronize those you like:  it will help their rankings.

Disclaimer:  I did not receive any blegging emails asking me to blog this PSA. I received no payment or kickbacks and I receive no benefit for linking to Newsbobber.  I'm doing this out of the goodness of my heart for an endeavor I feel deserves attention, and for the benefit of my friends who deserve MORE attention.  

With regard to the question on my heart: yes, I have one, albeit a bit cold or fickle at times. 

Stop laughing.


Abbey said...

On forgiveness and acceptance, I felt like it was me who was writing this. I have things in my past that I am so ashamed that I know God has forgiven me, but that I cannot forgive myself yet. I don't know if I ever will, and I keep them hidden lest I embarrass my children or grandchildren, and most of all, my dear mother and dad. This is a wonderful post and I think I'll go and read it again!
Merry Christmas!

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

WOW! Congratulations! That's a hard status to come by.

bingrassia said...

I built Newsbobber to highlight Minnesota news, blogs and other good homegrown MN content on the web. The blog directory ranks blogs on several popularity metrics ... the scoring system is far from perfect, but it helps give people an idea which blogs are generating the most action online. I also know that I'm missing plenty of good blogs ... that's why I have a feedback form at Newsbobber that encourages visitors to submit their favorite blogs. Thanks to your post, I'll be sure to add Our World.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

I'm happy even 2 people read my blog. Really. Yes, the absence of Swissy and Our Word are crimes that cry out to heaven for vengeance!!!! Ok, I'm being a goof ball. But, seriously, it's messed up.