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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Foster Dog Update

No, he's not here yet. Originally he was supposed to be arriving at my house around 4 pm today, however, things have changed quite a bit. The coordinator has to drop off another dog in another city, and I happen to live on her way home.

She was able to tell me a little more about my new buddy, though. He is a very sweet animal, wonderful gentle temperament, but he is very timid and tends to shrink away from people. He is not real familiar with the leash but apparently he wants to please so responds pretty well to a little direction.  Clearly, he has not been well treated and will need a gentle hand and quiet maybe he's a perfect foster for me!

Given that he's so fearful and untrusting, I think I will take a few days and just feed him by hand so that he will come to associate good things with me...and hopefully then with other people.  Poor guy, apparently he is one who just needs to learn how to be a dog!  It sounds like he is wonderful around other dogs.

So...more info to come, and maybe even a pic later this evening.  I'll admit I'm a bit nervous about taking in a dog especially given the fact that outdoor walking conditions are treacherous and best, but we'll make do.

I just hope I'm up to this task!

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