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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Petition Supporting the New Translation

I found this at Fr. Cory Sticha's blog, Omne Quod Spirat, Laude Dominum!:

In the liturgical circles of the Blogosphere, there has been much discussion over the "What if We Just Said Wait?" petition. (No, I'm not linking to it. You'll have to find it yourself if you want to sign. I do not wish to encourage disobedience to legitimate authorities in the Church.) In response, a petition has been created that supports the new translation called We've Waited Long Enough. I encourage you to sign this petition and pass it on to your friends, both real-life and social networking.

Click on the link for the petition, sign it, and pass it on to others!

For those who don't understand WHY the new translation is NEEDED, I give you the short answer:  the original Latin of the text of the Mass says one thing, but the translation we've been living with since its promulgation is grossly inaccurate and theologically questionable.  Considering that the law of prayer is the law of belief (i.e.:  we pray as we believe, our prayer and the way we pray the words we use, influences and defines our beliefs), it is actually spiritually harmful to go on with such a bad translation.  No one has been properly served through inaccuracy.   This new translation corrects the errors, is faithful to the original Latin (which was written the way it was for a REASON), and is something we should be viewing as the work of the Holy Spirit in his ongoing care for the Church.

It is a cause of rejoicing, and in the words of Fr. Cory, We've Waited Long Enough!

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