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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thank You!

This afternoon after I paddled home from work (no kidding, the rain is NOT stopping up here in soggy Minnesota!), I took some time to swim out to my mailbox to try to rescue anything that might be there (even bills - *sigh*).

As you might recall, early this summer several people surprised me by opening a "Discernment Fund" on my behalf so that I would be able to travel this summer to various communities (and hopefully not go bankrupt doing so!).

Can you guess what was in my mailbox today?

A check from my very very generous donors, which I'm going to use immediately (well, as soon as I can put it in the bank) to pay the credit card I used to cover my trips and expenses! There will also be a significant amount left over which will allow me future visits as well. There's nothing in stone by any means but I do know that one of the communities I visited this summer has a 40 Hour's Devotion around New Year's. They've invited me in the past and perhaps I will be able to return as that takes place on a break between semesters and a slow time at work.

Unfortunately I can't thank anyone personally as I don't have the info. I believe that several people expressed to the account administrator, Fr. Leo McDowell, that they preferred to remain anonymous, and those wishes are being respected.

So thank you, each and every one of you, for your generosity. Know that while I was on my retreats, and even since then, I have kept you in prayer, asking that God will bless you far more than you (and He of course!) have blessed me! It perhaps doesn't matter that I don't know who you are: God does, and as scripture tells us, you will receive your reward. Of that, I have no doubt!

There are some people who contacted me and expressed that they could not help financially, and I still hold now, even as I did then, that prayer is valuable! Were it not for prayers, none of this would have happened, either. I know many (if not all!) of my readers have been praying for me and I thank you, for as you can clearly see, I have an endless need for prayers!

God Bless You!

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