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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Am a Woman

I hate it when stereotypes are true and I'm living them out. No wonder men hate us and are confused by us.

Guys, I'm sorry. We women can't even figure each other out. So don't feel bad because you don't understand. Now I know why I love the guys in my're obvious about everything. (Well, most of you are, anyway.)

Everything below is something I've learned via blogging and my own reactions:

* Sometimes I just want a podium so I can air my greviances and nothing anyone says can change how I feel about a particular subject because I don't WANT to change my view.

* Sometimes I want advice. (usually not, but sometimes I do.)

* Sometimes when it seems I'm asking for advice, I'm really not. I'm just musing and asking rhetorical questions designed for my own meditation and to help my readers ask those same questions of themselves. (I need to get better at closing comments to that post and making my intentions clear.)

* Sometimes I want a debate. (usually not as I'm really not much of a debator. It's not my gift. I think of great responses....hours and days later.)

* Sometimes I just want people to express that they understand what I'm going through because if I'm the only one who feels a certain way, maybe it means I'm going crazy.

* Sometimes I just want to express myself and let that be the end of it. Just writing about things helps.

* Sometimes I want to tick someone off on purpose because I'm in a bad mood and I want to share the anti-joy. ('s obvious I shouldn't do that.)

* Sometimes I need something else and I can't express it so I write about everything BUT what is really bothering me, in hopes I'll figure out what that is. Or maybe I'm just avoiding it because, let's face it: the truth is painful.

* Sometimes I'm just being me, boring, regular ol' me, and in my purest form, I'm quite a fallen soul.

Now that I've admitted all this....

...and probably have more to add (as probably do some of my commenters), I must say that AT NO TIME is ANYONE, especially a man, allowed to cite any of the above in such a way as to shame the women in his life! You are NOT allowed to use this for anything but compassionate purposes, and let's face it do the same thing but with a lot less drama. And we still love you, anyway, don't we?

Oh, I'm shuddering at the comments that might arise from this post.... *cringe*

Keep it clean, y'all!


Fair Angel said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! That is all *so* me! I think I will bookmark it so that if I ever get married I can print it out, put each point on a note-card, and hand the appropriate note-card to my husband so that he will know *exactly* what sort of response, if any, I need/want. Brilliant! Brilliant!!!!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Ah, so that's what a woman is. I have always been confused. I always liked the boy games better -- even the big boy games. I remember as a child being pulled off the boy's side of the playground day after day, and the teacher's admonition, "Beth, you are a girl. You belong on the girl's side of the playground!" I would reply, "Yuck!" But a lot of what you write does ring true, so I guess those teachers were correct.

Adoro said...

Fair Angel ~ maybe we should both do the same thing even being single.

Elizabeth ~ Yeah, I liked the boy games better, too. Used to play "Army" with my brother all the time, and all kinds of other stuff. I hated dolls.

Hidden One said...


No worries. I shan't do anything evil with this post's contents. Nothing I can think of, at the moment, anyway. ;-)

I apologize. (Sorta.) I can only stand so much seriousness. If the Extraordinary Form weren't all about God, I might crack up half way through.

LarryD said...

uhhhh.....I don't get it.


Owen said...

Sometimes I'm afraid to respond because most times I can't be sure which of your sometimes it is this time. {insert sheepish male smile here}

Adoro said...

Hidden One ~ That's not an uncommon problem. ;-)

Larry ~ Oh, yes you do! ;-)

Owen ~ I don't aways, either. :-(

The Ironic Catholic said...

I think you just created a new set of post labels! ;)

Kevin said...

I initially found reading your blog a challenge, because I thought the writing was too "angsty" and overwrought. I found myself thinking get over it, get out of your way and just do it. However your blog is a daily read and has been for quite some time. I am often surprised by your revelations and insights. It turns out they often hit very close to home. Thanks.

Adoro said...

IC ~ Yes. the crabby posts will be labeled, "A house fell on my sister" (for those who don't get it...Wizard of Oz reference)

Keven ~ Um...thanks, I guess. lol. Angst is my middle name. If I didn't write it, I'd live it. I'd rather not live it.

It seems that in spite of me, God tells me what to do and when and I manage to stumble into His plan perfectly. Amazes me far more than it amazes you! ;-)