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Thursday, January 31, 2008

A series of prayer requests

I have several prayer requests tonight, beginning with our coadjutor, Archbishop Nienstedt. We received word today that this morning, his mother passed away. He only recently also lost his father, so please keep Archbishop Neinstedt in your prayers, along with the souls of his loved ones. My heart just breaks for him.

Next...My Mom called. She is leaving on a trip (flying) this week, and is really nervous, which is normal for her. As she's bipolar, she has also begun taking her anti-anxiety medication, but based on the conversation I had with her tonight, it's not working. In fact she's working herself into MORE anxiety through her constant discussion about the fact that she's anxious, she doesn't know why, she's always anxious before flying, etc. etc.. I told her that she doesn't have to go, but no, she insists that she wants to go and thinks she'll be fine when she gets on the plane. And then she began talking about her advance directive and the fact that she's taking a copy with her.

Then I told her that if she gets on the plane and doesn't feel better, that she can get off, and she insists that won't happen. Fine.

If she were a "normal" person, then I would think her anxiety might mean something and perhaps she should try to change flights. Instead, as anxiety is the norm for my Mom whenever there is an "event" in her life of any sort, well, it's not a very good barometer for whether something really IS wrong.

So please keep her in your prayers as she struggles through these last couple days before she leaves on her trip. And while she's on her trip.

Also please pray for me. I've had a weird feeling all evening, not really sure why, but it's not going away. I thought it was anxiety over my tax returns because I didn't have all my tax documents in, but the last ones came in today. (Along with a shortage in my escrow by $200.00. WHAT!?) I have several bills due and am afraid I won't be able to pay them, but even with all these things, it's not putting the finger on my weird anxiety tonight. I know it's not about my Mom (maybe a little now after THAT conversation!), maybe it's finances, but still, I don't think that's it. Something is just WRONG somewhere because this unsettled feeling is not going away!


Cow Bike Rider (alias, Chris Sagsveen) said...

My prayers are with you this week!

Angela M. said...

Praying for you. I have found the Divine Mercy chaplet very helpful in situations such as you describe.

Hidden One said...

You have my prayers!

Heidi Saxton said...

Your life sounds very full right now ... have you had a physical lately? Praying for you!

Adoro te Devote said...

Thanks for your prayers, everyone! All is well. :-)