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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Define Irony

Life is interesting, isn't it?

Yesterday at work I made a comment to someone about something being a "Federal Offense". Of course, it was in jest. The last time I used that term was at my last job with reference to mail fraud. Yesterday's comment was a joke.

I got home last night, got my mail, and what should be there but an official "UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT" envelope with a big red stamp saying, "JUROR MATERIALS ENCLOSED".

Yup. I'm being called to POSSIBLY serve on a petit jury in Federal Court between September 2008 and August 2009. Likely with regard to SOMEONE'S Federal Offense.


Remember how I canceled my cable service (but for local channels) in order to pay for my gym membership?


Last night I got home from work and turned on the TV to watch the news/ get the weather report. I could get the digital cable menu through the cable box, but no channels at all. And my analog TV doesn't have good reception so I can barely see only 1 channel, and that isn't very good. I figured it might be a temporary cable problem so just watched static until I was satisfied and turned it off, went to bed. Now, mind you, they came out as promised on Tuesday to downgrade my service. I did not need to be home for that as it was only an exterior thing.

This morning, I still couldn't get a cable signal so called the company. We tried the troubleshooting process, no effect, so they have to send someone out. This time I have to be home.

And the next couple work days are not flexible for me; I am chaperoning a ski trip tomorrow night, and Saturday morning I have to be at a workshop we are doing for sponsors. These things are not negotiable.'s the irony: Remember I cancelled cable on behalf of the gym. NOW I have to cancel my Personal Trainer appointment on behalf of my cable!


But...this really isn't such a bad thing, I suppose. I have gotten hit with some of the stuff that's going around - a cold, have been under the weather since Sunday, so I've only lifted weights once, didn't work out yesterday, and will only do cardio tonight on my way home.

So perhaps it's best to delay my Trainer appointment, anyway. And tomorrow's ski trip will be plenty of exercise as I haven't gone in awhile, so it won't kill me to not make it to the gym.

Such is life.


Adrienne said...

We haven't had cable for about 20 years. Radio Shack rabbit ears give us all the major stations plus some others. If I had cable I would be watching all the time.

And, soon we will have to have one of those box thingy's when everthing goes digitel. Arrrgh!

Courageous Grace said...

I've found satellite to be superior to and cheaper than cable. Of course, I see the wisdom in not having anything but analog service being cheaper than either.

But then hubby and I (nerds that we are) are addicted to the sci-fi channel...

You have my sympathies on the rescheduling appointment dilemma. I hate having to wait all day for a worker to show up just because they will be there "sometime between 9 and 5".

adoro said...

I love having cable, but between the gym and school, it's really just a distraction I don't need. Let's just say Lent is coming early to Adoro's house. I can always hook it up later.

Satellite for now isn't an option, although maybe I'll look into it if I can find a good deal, because I hate Comcast with a passion. (Not the people...the company.)

All depending on cost and such. For now, the lack of channels will help enforce my studying, and on weekends, I can watch DVD's if I want noise. After all...that's usually wht I have on TV. Movies I know and can follow even when I'm doing other things.

And not having cable will make me seek out my favorite movies and just have them on hand for whenever I'd like.

Anonymous said...

Just think of all the silent meditation you can do! Sorry about the jury duty--and on a Federal trial--oh, the last time I was on jury duty it was for one month straight and I had to drive to Salt Lake--50 miles away--daily--it was not nice, not nice at all.

angelmeg said...

God orders our steps, and when we are willing to surrender to divine will and not think we know better sometimes little inconveniences work out as amazing God-incidences that order things in a way that make much more sense than we could have had we tried to plan.

Go God!

adoro said...

tara ~ Aw, I'm not too concerned about Jury duty..I'm likely to be dismissed, anyway, because of my background. The Prosecution is likely to love me, the Defense (or Plaintiff) Atty will want me GONE so will likely use one of his preemptive strikes.

Sad. I got my degree in Criminal Justice! Although it's more likely to be a boring civil trial. But then my background in insurance investigation will strike me.

I'd be SHOCKED to be chosen for a jury.

Angelmeg ~ Yeah, that's why I'm kinda going with this. Although I'm upset that I won't be able to watch ER tonight as I can't get the rabbit ears my brother gave me hooked up...there's no where to put them. Literally. And the cords came disconnected (they're little copper wires that attach....and are broken thus too short to try to reattach.

So life is hard. Looks like it's movie night!