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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Book Review

I have received a review copy of a book and asked to post a review on it for the enlightenment of whoever happens by. And as I'm a bookworm, whether I'm in class or not, well, I couldn't turn down such an offer! Although I'm remiss in that I'm late with this review.

I read Lent and Easter With Mary by Thomas J. Craughwell, who also authored Saints Behaving Badly. (The latter is also on my very long reading list...)

Many people are looking at this time of year for some kind of spiritual reading for Lent, and most of those people are looking for something that will fit easily into their daily lives. It is important during this season to take up a habit that can be perpetuated, and I bring this up for a few reasons, to be detailed below.

Lent and Easter With Mary reads like a devotional, which is the purpose. Each day has a particular devotion revolving around Mary herself, various apparitions, miracles, events in her life or Mary in art. As the back of the cover states, "It tells stories of the origins of Marian prayers and hymns, recalls great miracles...celebrates the lives of saints who were especially devoted to her."

Each daily devotion ends with a Marian prayer and the source, some which will be familiar to you, some which will be new. I could see this book as one proper to anyone who is looking to cultivate a deeper relationship with Mary, and for someone already well acquainted with her. After all, Lent is a perfect time to walk hand-in-hand with the Mother of Jesus as we approach the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Our Lord.

This book would also be good for those looking to truly maintain their Lenten devotions, for it carries the reader into the Triduum, through it, and through the entire Easter Season.

I can honestly say that even my more rapid reading of this book has aided me in knowing Our Lady more intimately. How much better would one come to know her through a more careful and purposeful reading of the text?

The book is published by Paraclete Press, and is locally being sold in many Catholic bookstores. (I've already seen it at my local favorite, St. George Books and Gifts.)


Melody said...

Sounds promising!

Angela M. said...

I'll be reading "Lent and Easter, Wisdom from Fulton J. Sheen" again. I last read it 2 years ago so I have forgotten most of it but it's packed full of gems.

Every Lent I watch "Passion of the Christ" but last year decided I might do this every 2 years instead. More impact that way.