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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Random Things

Life is crazy, but life is good.

I got my car back from the shop (again!) yesterday. They replaced the bumper cover and absorber. I did not pay a dime. Not for the repairs, not for the rental; the other policyholder's adjuster accepted 100% liability for my loss. YAY!

I did have to put gas in the tank of the rental car, though. And as soon as I picked my car up, I had to go put gas in THAT. * sigh *

Next up....FITNESS!

I am going to be going skiing for the first time in 2 years next week. I've been in serious ski withdrawl for that entire time, but haven't been able to go. So I dug out my ski stuff to be sure it's all in order, went to try on my ski pants...and they don't fit.

I'm just a size too big I think, and horrbly embarassed to admit it. I seriously cannot believe how I have let myself go, what horrible shape I'm in, and I'm sick of feeling like a fat pig.

Walking the dog is not doing it for me; the sidewalks are icy, even when they DO exist, and going is slow. It's not a useful "workout" by any stretch of the imagination. And winter walks tend to be shorter due to cold and difficulty (ie risking life and limb just so the dog can go potty.)

So, I finally have been motivated to check into our local club. I'm familiar with it because I did rehab there after my surgery in 2001-2002. It's very close to me, and they verified they will accept my health insurance and give me $20.00 off if I go to the club 12 times in a month.

Yesterday I met with my membership person and got a tour of the club. Seriously, I was getting more and more excited! They ALWAYS have lap swim, there is never a wait for a machine, even in their peak times, and they're open 24 hours. Their weight machines are extensive so I can cross train with machines, free weights, and dumbbells.

So...tonight will be my first club workout in a very long time. I cancelled my cable in order to be able to pay for my membership. I've been meaning to cancel my cable, anyway, and unfortunately, that means I'll be missing ski racing because I will no longer have access to that channel. But the tradeoff is too important, so...BUH-BYE!

I am not working out to lose weight, but rather, for the sake of working out. Believe it or not, I LOVED working out, especially when I was in peak condition. I love the brutality of a hard workout, and having the benefit of increased energy. It'll be a humbling experience to start out again, though, because the last time I was in a club I was doing 20 lb bicep curls. (yes, really). No more. But I do remember that once muscle is built, it never goes away, it just gets flabby. So once I start lifting again, it will come back and as a side effect, the pounds will come off.

Must get started!

So tonight will find me at the gym, on the elliptical machine, likely complaining that I'm not in shape anymore, and likely doing the easiest workout and still getting winded. * sigh *

Well...must start somewhere!


Adrienne said...

You go, girl!!!

Stina said...

I'm with you on the loving a good workout, especially when you are in shape. I'm struggling with the "restarting" after a long break and actually getting my butt out of the house. Thanks for the motivation!

uncle jim said...

I have equipment IN my house and don't use it often enough. [sigh]

I suspect that no matter what I do I would never look and be as fit as you gals ... so why try?