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Monday, January 14, 2008

Personal Trainer

This morning I had an appointment with a Personal Trainer for a Body Age Assessment. I won't tell you the result. Suffice to say that in one area I was "average", which for women, is actually far beyond what most women accomplish.

But boy, do I have a lot of work to do! And part of the assessment was a discussion of what I've done in the past. As I have an extensive history of more-or-less elite level training (in the common sense of the term, not the Olympian connotation), well, the trainer could use that to tailor her discussion with me.

What's amazing is that she really taught me a lot, including about certain common mythology I learned from my LAST Personal Trainer at another club a few years ago! She also was able to be more specific, pointing out that certain groups of people have been trained, mentally, to work out anaerobically. Those groups include law enforcement (check!), firefighters (check!), and military. Because of the physical tests and tendency towards having to "sprint", we learn to push our limits, always looking to break down the next wall.

My previous training included serious anaerobic exercise. For example, for those who are local: I used to go down to Minnehaha Falls, where there are 3 long cement stairways descending into the valley, and one to the Falls themselves. I avoided that one because it was usually very busy. So I would, from the top, run down the smaller staircase, across the bottom along the trees, and back up the long stairway, (something like 172 steps or so). At the top, even though my legs were KILLING me and I thoght I was going to die, I'd continue to run. By the time I got to the small stairway again, there was oxygen flowing to my leg muscles again, and the decent down was further "recovery" time. Then the cross-country run across the lower field and burning run up the steps would start all over again. It was completely BRUTAL. But it worked!

In Law Enforcement training, which I forgot to mention today as it was 10 years ago, involved the same type of training, but geared more towards obstacles and strength training. We did have to run 1.5 miles up at Alexandria Tech that summer, but that was our longest event. The outdoor obstacle course was definitely harder; because in 5 minutes, we were doing the equivalent of running a mile and a half. (The qualifying time for the later was either 13 or 15 minutes.)

So! That means I have been conditioned to train anaerobically, which also means I don't need a lot of motivation to push myself. I need to be motivated to SLOW DOWN.

Interesting. I quite literally have to work on aerobic cardio workouts, which will NOT include the drive to which I'm accustomed to break down barriers. Wow. This is very new to me. It's a whole different mentality, but one that is proper for my current state in life. I am not likely to return to my previous types of training, although what I learned there can be tapped into at strategic points to do what it needs to do as I progress.

And yes, I totally intend to get back to the point where I can do 25 lb bicep curls!

Part of my new membership is this assessment and an hour PT session, which is scheduled for Friday morning. I'm looking forward to it! I need a refresher on the weights, need to learn a few other things, and, given this Trainer's level of knowledge and understanding of my own history, she'll be able to get me started on the right road.

Seriously, people, join a club. Work out. It is good for you spiritually as well as physically/mentally. And I can tell you from experience that once you begin your routine, those nasty chocolate/salt cravings decrease. Seriously! And what increases is cravings for things like cucumbers, salad, carrots, and MEAT! Mmmm....steak. It's what's for dinner!

I wish I could afford non-comp trainer sessions, but I may see if I can do it in a few months, just to keep me motivated and address my condition at that point. They are a luxury in one sense, but a valuable tool for serious fitness in another.

So...what are you waiting for? Your body is a temple...treat it right!


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Honey, my temple walls are collapsing and I don't see Simon pushing them over! *sigh*

I have a lot of flab to get rid of-both spiritual and physical.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Ooops, I meant Samson! See, how out of it I am!?

adoro said...


OK, sister, I'm with you! I just wish I could afford SEROUS PT...really. I don't know what I'm training for, but my current push is God-motivated, which means that something is about to appear on the horizon. Maybe I'm supposed to evangelize on the tri-athelon circuit?


If God wants me to be an Amazon, I'm SO THERE! LOL!

Um...I don't have a bike for that, though. Or good swim gear. Or good summer gear. Actually, I'm fully unequipped.

Good thing God provides.

Theocoid said...

I'm also one of those inclined toward anaerobic training. I just don't feel like I've worked out if I can still talk when I'm done.

I'm leading a boxing circuit class two days a week. It's actually quite fun, and I really like being able to challenge the people who come to the class.

adoro said...

theocoid ~ Yeah, that's my attitude, too, but it's the wrong least, for what I have to do now. It also means I'm not using my body for the optimum effect, so I have to get a base of aerobic training in order to have an EFFECTIVE workout. Which doesn't exclude anaerobic training, it's just that the latter has to be utilized at the proper time. And the weight training with all of it is awesome.

I love going to the gym!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

adoro: I think evangelization during a triathlon would be a powerful thing. Certainly, I feel like praying during heavy physical exertion. ;-)