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Sunday, October 28, 2007


I received a wonderful email from Australia and promised to link to the site for JUVENTUTEM.

Rather than come up with my own PSA, I'll quote the message here directly; it's best to quote people in their own words whenever possible.

I work as the U.S liason person with Juventutem
Australia, a non-profit international group for young
people with an attachment to the Latin Mass.

Our website is:
and we have details about registrations and a draft of
our program that we are planning. God willing, we are
expecting quite a few overseas pilgrims from all over
the world, including Africa.

I have heard that some parents have general concerns
about World Youth Day, seeing it as a bit of a
festival and not really 'Catholic', but Juventutem
demands and expects appropriate behaviour from its
pilgrims as befits our Catholic Faith.

So there you have it! Go to World Youth Day. See our Papa, pray a lot, meet lots of interesting Catholics from around the world, and recognize the actual unity that exists within the Church. Spring is go on this pilgrimage and grow in holiness!


Adrienne said...

"...but Juventutem
demands and expects appropriate behaviour from its
pilgrims as befits our Catholic Faith."

Oh my, imagine that! Expecting Catholic kids to act like Catholics.

I can't even support our own state youth convention because it is so lax. The music and the dancing allowed is outrageous. And, just for the record, I am NOT an old fuddy duddy!

The last year we went (about 4 years ago) to the conference the Mass, with the Bishop presiding, was so new age it was almost unrecognizable as a Catholic Mass. Phooey on that!!

After I wrote a three page letter to the Bishop, the Vicar General and the state Youth leader (with the imprimatur of my pastor) I was forever doomed to be a "voice crying out in the wilderness".

So glad I live on the other end of the state from the Bishop and have a strong priest willing to back me up.

Alice said...

Sorry Adrienne, but sometimes stating the obvious is necessary! I knew I'd be preaching to the converted, but in these big events it's easy for people to lose sight this as a pilgrimage to bring us closer to Our Lord. Fortunately, Juventutem's liturgical program (up on our website) promotes this and focuses the pilgrims attention soley on Him and Our Lady.
Encourage all your friends to think about coming on this journey with us!!

Thanks to Adoro for the mention too!

In Christo,
Alice Woolven
Juventutem Australia

Kiwi Nomad 2006 said...

I know some young people here in New Zealand who are currently saving very hard by doing extra jobs and things so they can go to World Youth Day. I don't think any of them think they are going on some sort of 'holiday', but they and their parents are expecting they will have a deep experience of Catholicism.
I fail to see what is do worrying about 'festival'. The Jews celebrated many. Easter and Christmas we celebrate. Festivals are part and parcel of the Catholic experience. For many young people here in the Antipodes, this may well be the only opportunity they have in their lives to be in proximity with the Pope. Surely they should celebrate that.

AquinaSavio said...

I wish I could go with Juventutem. I already signed up to go with my parish, though. Perhaps I can meet up with them in Australia. Wouldn't it be great if I could serve at one of their Masses??? :-D