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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Define Irony

It's a beautiful Saturday, and quite possibly one of the most perfect day of the entire calender year. It's a sunny autumn afternoon, with fluffy white clouds softly passing overhead. The temperature is in the mid-50's (F), the breeze is light, and the scent of leaves permeates the atmosphere. The best place to be is outside praising God for all of his beautiful colors.

I've been inside all day studying in preparation for an 8 page paper. The subject of today's reading: the comprehensive theology of suffering.


Adrienne said...

Suffering is a wonderful subject. We need a healthy dose of faith to really be able to wrap our little pea brains around why suffering is allowed by a God who is love.

Why can't you go outside and study? I know it's a bit nippy but a hat and fingerless gloves should do the trick.

....or, reward yourself with a nice walk after a bit. I have to set up reward systems for myself or I would never get anything done. Pretty childish for someone my age but it works.

Anonymous said...

Suffering is indeed a wonderful topic, however, the juxtaposition of beauty...and the interior focus on the subject of suffering - lol!

I'm not able to study outside. It would involve having to clean off my resin chairs, arrange them in a place where they won't wiggle, put up with the neighbor's constantly barking dog, the 9 year old next door who must chat extensively with anyone in sight, the noise of the highway, the wind blowing the hair into my eyes, etc etc etc.

Studying outdoors has never worked for me although I've tried it in many locations and types of weather. I'm thrilled it works for some, but I find I must have a quiet place, with as much noise blocked out as possible, lots of light, and no distractions.

I can take the "fruits" of study to another location, like a coffee shop, and organize it into what will become a paper later, but so far I'm only at the beginning stage, so quiet and solitude is the only option.

And much of the stuff I have to do REQUIRES a computer and books spread out on a desk.

Then I went to my regular Adoration hour. Now I think I'm done for the day, and am getting the grill out, cleaning the kitchen so I can have space to cut the potato, and thaw the steak.

Mmmm....steak....on the grill....

~ Adoro

UltraCrepidarian said...

I just made one of the Best Steaks Ever. A great day for it. And then beer. And HOCKEY. Boy I'm suffering, eh? :-)


Adoro te Devote said...

Ultra ~ How's the weather up where you are? I'm assuming it's cooler, but likely not bad.

Of course, all of us here in the Northland of this continent know that a little snow does not prevent grilling. :-)

Adrienne said...

Ah yes, the coffee shop! I am just so jealous I could spit. We have no Caribou Coffee, the Starbucks is too small and the other local shop has horrible atmosphere.

So, I have decided to "build" my own coffee shop in my bedroom where we already have a round table with two chairs in the bay window. That will become my future "get away from the office" place to work.

Anonymous said...

Count your blessings, Adrienne! Starbucks is anti-Catholic and homosexual-activist-friendly (the two go together), and Caribou supports Susan B. Komen Foundation, which is a big supporter of Planned Parenthood.

If you can find a nice Mom-and-Pop shop or just brew your own, well, you're in a much better place.

Funding immorality is beneath the dignity of all of us.

~ Adoro

Kiwi Nomad 2006 said...

Oh darn.... I hurt myself when I fell off the chair laughing;-)
I have no particular sympathy with good weather... we have had some really yuk weather lately!!!! (Though today was quite good and got better as the afternoon progressed and I had no reason to sit at my desk!)

Anonymous said...

The best weather weekend of the year is always in October, right before taxes are due on October 15!! So, I know how you feel about suffering!

Potamiaena, CPA

(I know, I know, I should have finished in the summer when it is 105!)

Adoro te Devote said...

Kiwi ~ We've had atrocious weather for months up here. Summer was nothing but dry, hot, and humid, no rain in sight, not even a little bit. It's been awful. Then when it finally did rain, it never quit, and if it did quit the sun was covered by clouds. So yesterday and today's beautiful weather has been awesome.

I'm not sure that people are seeing the "irony" I was attempting to juxtapose here in this post...although it seems you got it! LOL!

Hope you weren't injured when you fell out of your chair. :-)

Potamiaena ~ October is usually one of the best, if not THE best month out of the year. Not this year, though.

uncle jim said...

Today is absolutely beautiful ... just arrive home an hour or so ago from a whirlwind weekend.

Friday eve in Cleveland was dark and rainy and cool. Friends for dinner and movie were great, though.

Saturday was over cast and drizzle most of the day in southeastern MIchigan.

Sunday [today] was beautiful in Ft Wayne INdiana [visiting son and seeing new house just purchased - nice].

The drive home was great.

I hope you enjoy dinner and the remains of the beautiful weather.

Like Ultra, a hockey game could just about make the day perfect.

Father Schnippel said...

I had the same weather as Uncle Jim over the weekend, and spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon berating the hapless hometeam with one winning season in the last 18 years!