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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kid Stories!

It's time for some fun.

First of all, you must go over and congratulate Sarah on the birth of her second daughter. Then come back and read the rest of this post. And I'll only know if you've been over to greet Sarah if you can tell me the name of her new little one.

Sarah is participating in a Meme, 40 reasons to have kids, and linked to Heather Claypool's list.

Although I don't have children so can't really participate, I DO remember some events from my toddlerhood, so I'm sharing a memory jarred back to life by one of Heather's observations:

11) Privacy in the bathroom is highly overrated!

So...I commented there, but decided to share this story with the larger world.

As I've written of before, I was always a daddy's girl, so whenever he was around, I wanted to be in his presence. I really loved my Daddy! And I still remember toddling around; apparently this is an unusual gift as most people don't remember being that young. At least, not clearly.

Perhaps I don't remember all of my youngest childhood, but one memory stands out so clearly I can tell you where the shadows fell in the light of the day. So I assure you; this memory is a true memory, and hearing about it as I grew up has helped to maintain the memory in high resolution.

One day I was looking for daddy, and found Mom in the kitchen. She told me he was in the bathroom. Great! I started to take off across the kitchen, calling daddy.

Mom tried to stop me, telling me that Daddy was going to the bathroom and to give him some "privacy". But I didn't care about that; I wanted to be wherever Daddy was. I was certain he wouldn't mind. So I ran across the kitchen, Mom's hand reaching out to stop me, just grazing the back of my shirt.

I was very single-minded in my intent!

I ran up the steps, through the laundry room, and to the bathroom. At that time, although the doorknob was over my head, I could reach it just fine, and turned it...and the door opened.

There was daddy, standing, facing the toilet, "going potty".

Daddy was embarassed, but didn't really know what to do...he sorta didn't have much of a choice at that point! Mom was yelling for me as she was catching up, apologizing to Dad.

I just stood there, ignoring Mommy, looking up at him. Dad was saying to me, "I'm going to the bathroom!"

Mom grabbed me, then, telling Dad she was sorry. But I couldn't take my eyes away from Daddy. There was something completely fascinating about what he was doing. My comment?

"Gee! How handy!"

And then Mom successfully pulled me out of the bathroom and closed the door.

My Dad died back in 1995, and this was one of his favorite stories; and much to MY embarassment, he never tired of telling it.

Incidentally, his other favorite story was accompanied by a picture of me sitting on my potty chair with my diaper on my head. That story will NOT be told and the picture will NOT be shared. It went into hiding after my high school graduation party.


uncle jim said...

Meredith Ann

but i cannot add to her lists ... yet
i'm going to have to go a piece to add to what she's already got

Adrienne said...

Meredith Ann is a lovely new cradle Catholic. Way to go Sarah!! and thanks Adoro for the heads up re: new baby.

Sarah said...

We call her Little Mouse, because she's a squeaker. :)

Did you happen to read the other lists that have been posted? Some really good ones going around. And I was thinking that YOU should make a list, Adoro, because it would be something to stimulate much thought and, I'm just guessing from the reference to The Story That Shall Not Be Told, some good belly laughs. :)

So when are you coming to Ohio to cuddle your girl? :)

Adoro te Devote said...

Sarah, I'd like nothing better than to meet "my" sweet Meredith. Just tell her about her Aunt Adoro up in Minnesota, and one day, well....


Make sure you raise her to be a horselover, too! LOL!

I'm not sure about the reasons to have kids, but we'll see.

Woodrow said...

First: Congrats to Sarah, if she reads this comment.

Second: A story from my childhood. Do you remember the Looney-Toons in which Bugs Bunny or some other character is placed in a pot to cook? While the Bugs is standing there, the cannibal (or whoever) would chop up potatoes and carrots and throw them into the pot, too. Eventually Bugs realizes he's dinner and gets out of the pot (and usually run for his life). When my sister and I were very young, we thought these cooking cartoons were very funny. Now, my dad used to fall asleep in the bathtub quite often. On one particular day, he did so, and had forgotten to lock the door. My sister and I found him and, inspired by these 'toons, we filled the tub with little plastic animals (our version of the potatoes and carrots). He woke up when we started stirring the water with plastic bowling pins. He asked us, "What are you doing?" We replied, "We're cooking you, Daddy." He never forgot to lock the door again!