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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Getting there

Well, I'm still panicked about all I have to get done by class time next weekend. But my essay questions are nearly done; they just need some tweaking and I can send them in. My Vatican II paper needs editing and apparently, some incorporation of material from the John Paul II course I took last spring (that info that applies to my topic and Vatican II), but I just started my last page. So basically I'll need to finish my final point, write my conclusion, and it'll be done! What's really cool is that I have endnotes this time, and it's my first experience with using them. I found that some sections of the Vatican II documents really needed to be quoted, but doing so would have been unweildy, so I summarized or quoted a part, and then put the entire section into an endnote. Of course, the prof won't care; I think he has Gaudium et spes memorized.

But my synthetic study....oy, how tedious! I can only work on that in bits and parts because it's putting me to sleep. It's fascinating, but "sin" is also so repetetive that just looking up all the passages and notating them for my summary paper is just....ugh. I'm tired just thinking about it.

But for this weekend, nothing else will be done. I have to go help teach confirmation this evening, and even if I was going to be home, my brain is fried.

You theologians and other grads of theology, (esp. grad theology)....did your brain fry when you were studying this stuff, too? Why is that? Is it because the material isn't some dry 2-dimensional topic, but it changes us as we go? Seriously...I think I'm a totally different person since I've begun this program. (Unfortunately, I don't think I'm any holier...just more knowledgeable about how holy I'm NOT). * sigh *

I'm so tired. And the clouds don't help.


Anonymous said...

Take a break and come on over to SOV2 ... BIG NIGHT TONIGHT....

Hidden One said...

Knowing more about how holy you're not is a great reason to become more holy. It's not all wasted, really.