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Monday, October 15, 2007

Is there anyone out there????

It's been oddly silent of late. Not just here, but everywhere. It seems most of my favorite haunts are on somewhat of a hiatus. Which is fine, of course, but things are just...mellow.

Yeah, I'm really busy myself, too much to do, not enough time, but life is still good, right? Anyone? Can I get an "Amen"?

Is it the weather, the encroaching darkness, the skeletal brances, the winds blowing in a new season? Is it the clouds that constantly seem to hang over Minnesota? I'm not sure we have the sun anymore, but we don't need it...we have the Mass. Amen?

I'm waitin', y'all.

Can someone please share some uplifting and joyful news, random comments, or...something?


I'll go first:

I got my Vatican II paper almost done, I put it aside so I can tweak it if needed before I send it...and maybe add a quote from Lumen Gentium to finish it off. My stuff for my Spirituality class is done...but again, I want to give it a "once-over" before emailing it.

And my synthetic study...well, let's just keep this uplifting, 'kay?



Anonymous said...

Today I was looking for information on the cause for canonization for Rev. Walter Cizek, S.J. and I found a reference to this BLOG. I think this cause is VERY relavent to our times because this good and obedient priest wrote down for us what "atheistic materialism" (communism) looks and sounds like. I was around Fordham University when he was there but I was at the WRONG campus where/when the take-over was on!

Julie D. said...

I have that same "is anyone there" feeling. Though since I've been rather distracted what with Rose's surgery and all, I think that is mostly due to my lack of participation. :-)

Adoro te Devote said...

julie d. ~ Rose's surgery! Oh my goodness, I didn't know! I'm so sorry! How is she? I will stop by ASAP...shows how behind I am, myself.

She, and you, are in my prayers.

Denise ~ Fr. him, love him, love him. Have you read his commentary about abortion? I quoted him on this blog once, the Women who were raised atheist, were encouraged to have abortions, and even without reference to God, they were devastated. It wasn't just the bond with the child, the forced "choice"...but they recognized what they were doing.

Fr. Ciszek is one of my patron saints. A few weeks ago at my new job, at a parish, I called for some holy cards. As the woman I spoke to described his relics, the chair where he died, etc., it was as though he was sitting in my office. I can't explain it, but he was PRESENT with me, smiling, making his patronage known.

How did you come to know about him?

His "Prayer of Surrender" has helped me in ways I'll never be able to describe.

Terry Nelson said...

I haven't had any comments either. But I will share this with you, I am running for President! ;)

Adoro te Devote said...

Terry ~ I'd vote for you! LOL!

Ray from MN said...

I'd be happy to run for Vice President with you Terry, but one of us would have to move out of state. Can't have both from the same state.

I thought everybody was mad at me.

I was happy to see the the producers of "The Golden Compass" are taking some of the anti-Catholic bits out of the movie. Now we have to get them to take the anti-Catholic stuff out of the three books.

uncle jim said...

yeh, i'm dead too - but i really haven't come to life yet.

uplifting - my son who lost an eye in an auto accident over 2 years ago, finally received his lawsuit settlement award via wire transfer friday afternoon.

he and his wife, who have shared one car for several years, and it is rather old at that, were able to go out on saturday and bought another car - outright. then today, they bought a house and gave their 2 months notice to their complex.

things looking up for them.

Anonymous said...

Terry...I am moving to the states so I can vote for you! (Sorry Ray!)

Adoro, your entries have been so deep lately that I feel I have nothing to offer in the way of comments.

Angela M.

Adoro te Devote said...

Ray, ~ You know we love you! As far as the Golden Compass...they can't remove the anti-Christianity from the movie unless they want to reverse it. Fat chance. No matter what they do....BOYCOTT!

Oh...I picked up "Into Great Silence" at St. George's in Blaine. Great movie.

Uncle Jim ~ That's great news!

Angela ~ Me? Deep? Like you're not? You KNOW you have something to say!

Kiwi Nomad 2006 said...

yeah well... I actually had a really good talk with a priest about ten days ago. The presence of God was in the room in our conversation. Just a bit shy to lay it all out in the blogging world;-)

Anonymous said...

Standard-Speaker 10/09/2007,

"Sister Lucille speaks on Father Ciszek�s influence in her life"

I just received this today in my email! How can I share it?

Anonymous said...

Ok, here's some of it:

<< Sister Lucille met Ciszek about three years before his death. At the time, she was not in religious life, though she had considered the possibility when she was 12.
“I was a public school teacher and I went on an Ignatian retreat. He had a little apartment in a tenement on Beaumont Avenue in the Bronx,” she explained. “ On that first day of the retreat, I sat down at table and the first thing he said to me before we read the Scriptures was, ‘So, you’re going to be a nun.’ And I said to him, ‘Father, no, I’m not going to be a sister.’” However, it was t hat encounter with Ciszek that had a profound impact on her life, reminding her of the desire to become a sister earlier in her life.
“Why do I say he was influential in my life? I believe I was healed by his loving presence. I don’t think ever met anyone who radiated the love of God as much as he did,” said Sister Lucille. “He was so joyful, so filled with love, had so much wisdom.
I think it was that healing that brought me to that next level that got me ready to embrace living for God alone.”
Ciszek became her spiritual director as she began to discern her vocation to the consecrated life. During those last three years of his life, she helped him in different tasks, such as assisting him with answering his mail.
In spending time with him on a regular basis, Sister Lucille learned a lot about Ciszek.
“The most important thing he shared with me is to seek the will of God and do the will of God. How do you know the will of God? Here it is. What’s happening today is the will of God. Do it to the best of your ability,” she explained.>>

Page 7

Adoro te Devote said...

Kiwi ~ That's awesome! :-)

denise ~ Thank you so much for sharing that! You should write to the Fr. Walter Ciszek prayer league and request holy cards. They'll send you a pack of 100 for $7.00 (to include shipping). It includes a prayer for his intercession, his prayer of Surrender, and a prayer for his canonization.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adoro,
We are all still "rooting" for you even when we don't tell you!! When I read your blog, I am always amazed on the workload of grad school--those papers!! Yikes. Being a business major, I am not good at papers, so I admire your writing skills!

Thanks for the tip about Fr. Ciczek prayer league. . . our Catholic study group read his second book this summer. I will get the holy cards and give them out to everyone.

Blessings, Potamiaena

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Adoro: I've been swamped at work trying to get them set up before I leave for (The Good News!) my new job! Yippeee!!!!

You said keep it positive but I've been too busy to blog.

Anonymous said...

Fall is a very busy time--my computer time is minimal. But, we are still here.