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Monday, January 30, 2006

DaVinci Code - again!

Recently, local Catholic media personality, Lino Rulli, was heard on the radio discussing this upcoming movie. I'm paraphrasing a little, here, but this is the gist of what he said:

"Let's look at this. First of all, he claims that an ITALIAN, listen, an ITALIAN. Kept a secret. Now I'm Italian, and I KNOW Italians can't keep secrets. I mean, we like to talk so much that we talk with our HANDS!" (Lino, although it's unlikely that you'll read this, if you do, please correct my quote and I'll edit to reflect what you actuallly said verbatum)

So it goes. First Dan Brown says an Italian kept a secret, then we are to believe that a feminist believes some crazy guy about an unbelievable "code" drawn into DaVinci's artwork.

Riiiiiight. A feminist. Believing a MAN about a CODE which is NOT backed up by historical fact.

Oh, that's right...there is no historical fact in this book.

And yet the gullible American public, as usual, bought this hook, line, and sinker.

Boy, are Americans stupid. I'm sometimes embarassed on behalf of us. This is one of those times. Someday I'm going to have to answer to what Americans have inflicted upon the world, and I just don't have an answer for Dan Brown. I'm going to just have to apologize and change the subject.

I am constantly astounded by otherwise "intelligent" people have gone on and on about the "great research" Dan Brown did in his book.

I agreed! Yes, you heard me. One HAS to research that well in order to get everything so DELIBERATELY wrong! One has to be quite the con man to use "the Louvre" as a credit to his book, when he only walked im the door and looked at some paintings, and walked out again. Bet he had YOU believing that he actually worked with the curator to develop his "thesis".

I actually spoke with a friend/co-worker today who was raised Catholic, but is not really living Catholic. You know the type. Somehow this travesty of a book came up, and she suggested that "It's just a matter of interpretation."

BOY, did I jump in at that point! I pointed out several the Priory of Scion...made up by a French convict in the 60's. Yup. Brown's alleged "research". St. John as Mary Magdalene in the "Last Supper". She tried the "interpretation" remark again, but her apathy could not withstand the flood of fact.

Finally she turned away and admitted, "I really don't know that much about it."

I agreed with her. I told her that most people don't know much about it, and that's why they fell for the lies.

I would LOVE To see Oprah go off on Dan Brown, but she won't. Why would she?

Dan Brown is a hero to anti-Catholics and anti-Christians everywhere. He's a hero to "progressives" of every faith.

I won't quite go so far as to say that Dan Brown is the anti-Christ, but he sure works for him.


Unknown said...

Lino Rulli is going to be on "Life on the Rock" on EWTN later this month. Feb 23 at 7:00 Central Time.

Roamin' Roman is reporting that the "Nashville Dominicans" a very orthodox and fast growing order of nuns, have an apostolate in Stillwater teaching (in full habit) at St. Michael's school. Thought you might be interested in talking to them.

I think I saw one of them walking on the West River Road in Minneapolis last Summer. I should have chatted with her. If I see one again, I'll be sure to.

Adoro said...

Yup, am very familiar with the Nashville Dominicans. When I spoke with the Vocations director last summer, he indicated they are studying for their Master's degrees at St. Thomas.

I actually already missed their "cut", though, as I am over 30.

From what I understood, though, they weren't around in the summer...they had returned to the motherhouse in Nashville. There ARE other Dominican orders in full habit, and they run a couple of nursing homes. I can't remember the name of the order, but is it possible you saw one of them?

I checked EWTN's schedule also, hope to catch Lino that evening! I nearly met him at the Eucharistic Congress, but he was having a conv. with another member of the Frassati Society, so I just kept walking rather than interrupt.

(Incidentally, I did actually speak with the Sisters of St. Cecilia - Nashville Dominicans - at the Eucharistic Congress, also.)

Did you go?

Unknown said...

Another one of life's mysteries!

Let's give 'er another go.

It's possible I saw that Dominican nun in the Fall. Can't exactly remember. It was the first one I've ever seen.

I attended the March from the Capitol to the Cathedral the night before. Not much participation by Basilica people, but the pastor was there, probably under "orders." Good crowd though, lots of busses. Well organized.

Dana, the Irish singer (and former member of the European Parliament) in addition to being a great singer, is a pretty darned good MC in a crowd, too. Her brother was her accompanist.

I kept procrastinating on buying a ticket for the conference and then they sold out. I suppose I could have shown up and purchased a ticket from a "scalper." (gasp) Would that have been a sin? (grin)