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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Chronicles of Narnia

I finally got to see this movie last weekend and it was all I hoped it would be. They really did a tremendous job in bringing this timeless tale to the big screen. And the soundtrack! Fantastic! I bought that this weekend and listened to it today while I did some light reading. And fell asleep imagining the epic battle portrayed in the movie.

When I was a child I read these books after watching the animated story for a class in elementary school. I remember being engrossed, turning page after page, entering this wonderful world of Narnia. For awhile, I nearly believed that I could enter Nardia through my own closet...and checked the status of my own door daily, always to be disappointed.

Now that I've seen the movie, I've actually had to fend off the desire to enter my walk-in closet and check the back wall. Quite honestly, if I ever find a way through the back wall, I'd be liable to fall down my stairwar rather than into Narnia. It amazes me how this story has the ability to reignite my imagination and propensity for belief in the unseen.

Today I came across a collection of movies put out by the BBC. I actually picked them up, having never known that they made movies of The Dawn Treader and The Silver Chair so I look forward to seeing what was done in the past.

What I can tell you is that the rendition of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is quite substandard..the talking animals are people dressed up like the animals they portray. I guess this is why CS Lewis never wanted the books made into movies!

For those who have not seen the current version of "Narnia", I do highly recommend it.

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