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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Yup. The "A" word.

The anniversary of Roe v Wade is coming up. The case built upon a lie, otherwise known as perjury. Tha advent of our tyrannical Supreme Court, proving that the system of "checks and balances" does not work.

This morning, waking from a dream, I looked at the outline of a nearby picture of Jesus, and in speaking to him in my soggy morning voice, I told him, "It's not getting any's getting worse."

And in my half-waking state, Jesus answered me internally, "I agree."

So as if on cue, tonight, on "ER", they are discussing abortion. A young college student from a religious family learns she is pregnant...7 weeks. She herself provides her options: keep the baby, or give the baby up for adoption. Dr.Neela offers "termination" as an option.

"Termination". That's what our society calls blatant cold blooded premeditated murder of an innocent child. Termination.

I want to be more offended, but in this case, I have to say this is likely a true portrayal of what happens in ER's and Urgent Cares and doctor's office everywhere.

The girl reveals her pregnancy with the doctor's assistance and breaks down in tears. The father asks the doctor to leave so they can have some private family time.

Then Dr. Neela spoke with the girl's father. He was not angry, even when Neela euphimisically brought up the idea of abortion. She seemed shocked that the girl wanted to "keep it". At the look of the father, she stuttered and said, "Uh...I mean..the baby..".

She backpedaled, telling the girl's father that it was her job to provide all the options available and they should consider the "long term consequences."

He looked her straight in the eye and told her she should consider the spiritual consequences of what she (Dr.) was saying. He told her that he did not believe in accidents and that God intended this baby's life.

He did not get angry. His voice was measured, he was confident, and he did not come across as a freak, only as a concerned father with strong convictions who loved not only his daughter but her unborn child, no matter what the reason for the conception.

I actually thought this was well done. I'm impressed that for once, a religiuos family was not made out to be a set of backwater freaks.

The other baby-related issue...Dr. Abby is pregnant. She is also offered "termination services" by a collegue. Dr. Kovach, the baby's father, wanted that baby to be born and shared this with Abby. She made it clear she was not interested in having a child at age 37. She made her "choice" and walked away.

Let's go back to the girl. She later reveals that she was raped. Dr. Neela then berates the girl's mother for forcing a "choice". Neela then begins to force her own "choice" upon the family. Gotta love that. It is typical. The girl's mother of course cries and turns away from the rabid onslaught of a doctor better suited to a Planned Parenthood death mill.

Dr. Kovach intervenes and tells Neela to back off and leave them alone. Neela is all about "choice". Then she tells Dr. Kovach that she is talking to the wrong person. He confronts her on this and she makes a formal request to consult with someone who is "NOT CATHOLIC."

Now keep in mind...Kovach is barely Catholic...he grew up Catholic and rebelled, so I guess the implication here is "once Catholic, always Catholic" and therefore never to be trusted with decisions adverse to someone with a death agenda.

He pauses, and, true to "cafeteria Catholic" form, rather than stepping up to the plate he pulls a Kerry and tells her that he is a doctor first and everything else second. I guess this character forgot that God gave him his doctorly gifts.

He then goes in to the girl, askes her if this is what she "wants", she says no, so he offers her a medical option which will, once inserted into the cervix, cause it to dilate and cause a miscarriage.

She asks if it's a sin.

Read this again...she asks if it's a sin.

This is a girl who is confused about what is happening to her...but not about the morality of what was done. She was raped, therefore she did not sin to begin with. Now she is in a state of shock and needs time to readjust her perspective, especially given the trauma surrounding her. She does not need to be victimized again by people who have already decided what she needs and wants without regard to the actual consequences to both her and the baby.

She already knows the truth and is looking for somone to tell her that the truth is not true. She does not want to offend God, and a straight answer here would save a baby. She is scared, and she needs time to think, to gather herself, and to make an adult decision.

We all know that adult decisions usually don't happen in an instant, but with prayer and time.

But Dr. Kovach does not work for God. He works, apparently, for Satan.

He tells the confused girl, and I quote, "This is the medical way of giving God a chance to rethink his decision." Or something like that.

I want to be offended and rail at ER...but I think they are presenting the truth as to what happens every day. I can't blame Hollywood for being honest for once. The attack on Catholics is blatant, and you know that this stuff happens all the time. Unfathomable that someone who displays any type of pro-life leaning would be anything other than Catholic....and this does great disservice to Christians of other faiths who are just as dedicated to saving the lives of the unborn.

So I am offended that once again, Catholics specifically are the culprit in this girl's suffering.

I have to admit that this show puts it in our faces, what we would rather deny...and it shows well how abortion is pushed so hard in the name of "choice".

And Dr. Abbey? She didn't do it. She didn't kill her baby. She sat in the waiting room and watched children playing, and her heart of stone softened. She chose to have her baby in the face of the medical culture which fights to hard to remove this life from the world.

So maybe a balanced view is given...typical stuff. A girl is raped and becomes pregnant. A feminist doctor gets mad and pushes her agenda, a relgious family calmly defends their beliefs, a confused and terrified girl tries to do the right thing and is coerced by Satanic doctors into doing what secular culture wants her to do.

It kills me that Dr. Kovach quotes Jeremiah to finish the girl's sentence after he seals the baby's fate, and then "admits" to being a "Christian".

They quote the words of life and he quotes Genesis and tells the girl using the Bible that Adam was not alive until God breathed into him.

Great. Satan quoted scripture well when he tempted Jesus in the desert, too.

And so here we are, a baby killing culture. ER was literally painful to watch, but I also think it was necessary for those of us who are fighting on behalf of life. We need to see what happens if we haven't directly experienced it ourselves. ER is a good training video and displays well the face of the enemy.

So pray, everyone, for victims of abortion. Pray for life, even the lives of the baby-killers. Even their souls may be PRAY!

Hail Mary, full of grace
the Lord is with thee
Blessed art thou among women

Holy Mary, Mother of God
Pray for us sinners,
now, and at the hour of our death


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