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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Welcome, Pope Benedict XVI! We love you!

His Holiness has landed on our soil, and our dearest Papa has brought the Holy Spirit with him. It's been a whirlwind day, and the Holy Spirit is making connections all over the place, and I, for one, have been amazingly blessed.

There are too many things to discuss here, but let's just say that a couple prayers were answered for me; I received a relic of John Paul II, the Liturgy of the Hours (Thanks, Mary! I promise to wear it out completely!), and found a book about Padre Pio...which was written in 1954 while he was still walking the earth. Maybe more on that later.

Because, more important things are happening....the Pope is here!

The media, as usual is a circus and are focusing on the negatives because riling people up and ticking them off is how they get ratings. But in reality, we love our Papa, we respect him, for the Holy Spirit chose him to be the Vicar of Christ. All the Church is united under him; for, as the earliest Church Fathers said, "There is one Bishop..."


And I already feel like we've been deeply blessed from the moment his plane touched down on American soil. We are a spiritually impoverished country, hidden amidst this material wealth that is so deceptive. We need this visit, and we must all continue to pray for the mission and the safety of Papa Benedetto.

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