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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring...and a Fever

Ok, I don't really have a fever. Even Spring Fever.

It's gorgeous out. Yesteray was really windy and warm, and today the breezes are still gusting. But the lilac bush outside the building has tiny buds, some of the trees have tiny buds, and I finally saw red-winged blackbird the other morning. He was just hanging out in a tree, silent, but he was there. And that convinces me that finally, spring has come to Minnesota.

Unfortunately, so has a spring cold. I just felt awful yesterday, nothing real specific, just a kinda scratchy throat and generally really tired. I thought maybe it was because I didn't sleep well Monday night, or ate something that disagreed with me (I went through Tums like you wouldn't believe yesterday morning!)

But as the afternoon wore on, I felt worse and worse, and by the time I got home, I couldn't even study. The book in front of me made no sense, so I finally gave up. And all I have left is 2 essay questions! And I work both tonight and tomorrow evening...I'm down to no time left.

Last night, predictably was a miserable night (I just HATE spring colds!), but I think I'll make it through today. Thankfully.

Hey! At least it's spring!

Oh, and all of you with pets...I met someone last week who found a tick on her dog. Already. So if you haven't yet, get out the Frontline or whatever you use, to keep those nasty disease-carrying parasites away!


Melody said...

Take care, Adoro. Sorry about your cold. Spring colds are miserable (I guess so are any of them!). As for ticks, ewwwwww! Unfortunately they like the way I taste.

Adoro te Devote said...

Spring colds are awful! I just hope I feel better tomorrow!

Maureen said...

The really lovely bit is when the allergies, sinus, and colds start to blend together. Like last week.

And now you're sick this week... I guess that'd be about right for seasonal pollens and molds, actually.

angelmeg said...

YOu didn't by any chance dream lottery numbers or anything like that when you were feverish did you (LOL).

Just checking.

adoro said...

Maureen ~ You know...I'm beginning to wonder if maybe this IS allergies and not a cold...or even a combination.

angelmeg ~ No, but I DID dream about a conversation with St. Thomas Aquinas about the proofs for God's existance! And it helped me answer one of my essay questions! LOL!