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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring in Minnesota

The weather has been beautiful of late...upper 60's to mid-70's, was nearly 80 the other day, I think. And that evening we had a round of thunderstorms, and a lightning strike near my house. That was fun. It even scared me dog who came and laid down between the bed and the door, as opposed to taking up her post at the window. Even I could feel the electricity in the air that night.

The grass is green, and already the landscaping company I'm paying my left ear for (Association fees) was out to do some spring cleanup. And while walking my dog yesterday morning, I saw that some of the bushes in the park already have tiny green leaves.

But none of those are actually signs of spring in Minnesota. Oh, no, here it's far more dramatic. This is a schizophrenic state...we go straight from -20 all the way to 80 in the span of 24 hours. And back again.

A few years ago, when I was in firefighter training, we began our academic portion in May. It was perhaps mid-May, and the morning was cool..maybe 60 degrees or so. It was slightly warmer that afternoon when we headed over to city waterworks to get some experience in dealing with the different hoselines. We were wearing our turnouts (trousers, coat, helmet, gloves, hood), and I remember suddenly feeling really really HOT. I was sweatng as I fought to keep the stream of water directed where I wished, and after awhile, literally began to feel weak.

As it turned out, the temperature, within a span of about an hour, shot up to over 90 degrees. And I had a mild case of heat exhaustion.

That's the most dramatic and rapid temperature swing I can remember...perhaps because of the bad timing that had such an effect on me.

Back to spring in Minnesota. Do you know how we REALLY know it's spring? OK, I'll tell you. In the course of a single weather report, we will find that every element is directing its fury towards us; 75-80 degree temps, humidity, likihood of thunderstorms, severe storms, followed by snow.

I remember one year we had a day of warmth and humidity, culminating in severe storms that spawned destructive tornadoes...and the next day we had several inches of snow.



Nancy said...

Well, here in Manitoba it is snowing as I write.

Just when you think it's safe to put your winter gear away ... sigh.

uncle jim said...

and i just took both shovels out of the trunk of my car this very morning.

you know what that portends...
i think i'd better check the forecast.

Father Schnippel said...

See, Adoro, God loves you so much that He gives you all four seasons in one day! :D

Mark said...

Sounds like our weather; here the mantra is "If you don't like the weather, just wait, it'll change."

Ray from MN said...

Adoro was too busy posting to read the current forecast that calls for flurries or better tomorrow night!

Adoro te Devote said...

Nancy ~ You'd be welcome here in MN, but I suspect our weather isn't much different....

Uncle Jim ~ It's YOUR FAULT that snow is called for in MN. I'll call the news station so they know who to blame...NEVER take shovels out of your car...even in July.

Father Schnippel ~ Aww...that's just....sappy. :-)

Mark ~ yeah...that's what it's like throughout the upper midwest!

Ray ~ Nah, I knew, been wathching it, but preferred, given that the forecast changes every 5 minutes, to wait until they start announcing the imminent blizzard and thundersnow.

Fr. V said...


My sister moved here from the south a year ago. Just yesterday she was talking about planting and I said that there was possiblity of snow yet . . . It happened last yeasr - a huge storm for Easter.

Ahe was NOT happy.