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Friday, April 04, 2008

Falling Dominoes

I've been completely stressed out all week, and the next two days promise to be a nightmare...although at least we got through tonight's retreat. Tomorrow it's two retreats, two different Sacraments. And following that, a Sunday retreat.

And then we'll be over that hump. But I began today thoroughly exhausted. About an hour before the retreat, Father came to my office to make sure I didn't need anything and to let me know where he would be. But as soon as he'd said hello, he commented, "You look really tired. You should go outside and get some air."

Wow. I must have looked REALLY BAD for him to even comment. Because of course I've been to work on days where maybe I was tired or just not feeling well, and he's never said a thing.

I just got home from tonight's work, I made it through, and now I'm going to finally eat dinner and go to sleep. I'm almost afraid to sleep...lately all I do in my sleep is dream about work or bizarre conglomerations of things that don't make sense. It's stress sleeping...and it causes one to wake up more exhausted than they'd been the night before. I'm seriously contemplating just staying awake all night...that way I can ensure I won't be working!

Nah..I'm too tired to keep my eyes open for that long. So...I wonder which facet of my job I'll be dreaming about tonight?

I can't wait until this weekend comes to an end. For me, it's not a weekend, just a series of days. Some dominoes that need to be pushed over.

But even then, it won't be over. I have so much work to do for school, and certainly I'll get through it, but it's going to be very tight. This time, because we got an extra week because of Easter, it shortened our next "month" between classes and I wasn't able to get as far ahead as I'd hoped. So I'll be crunching to get through the tests and the assignments due on that weekend.

And work...everything is coming to a head, and I'm living in holy terror that my incompentance is going to completely mess everything up. Boy, am I in need of some experienced volunteers to bail me out of this mess!

I think this is the part where I'm supposed to be trusting God...but I'm failing miserably, at that and other things. Please pray for me, and for all those I'm supposed to be serving.

UPDATE 6:05 AM SATURDAY: I woke up at 4:30 and could not sleep...I tried. I fell asleep maybe 15 minutes before my alarm went off. I dreamed about work. * sigh * Get me coffee...more coffee...


Melody said...

I hate it when I dream about work! Three retreats in one weekend; and grad school to worry about, anybody would be stressing out. I'm sure you're not incompetent, you just feel like it because everything is happening at once. I'll pray for you to get through the crunch (also to have good dreams and restful sleep!). And for the right volunteers to lend a hand.

Fr. Andrew said...

Prayers from a fellow busy worker in the vineyard- confirmation today, first communion last weekend, special Mass with the Bishop tomorrow at the college. Monday? Coma.

Fr. V said...

Not even rest in dreamland?!

Prayers coming

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Praying here....

Adoro te Devote said...

melody ~ Please keep praying...this is only the FIRST crunch...there are several more coming. Oh, and my boss (The DRE) told me today that this week she's going to work on my review...I didn't need that today.) It's upcoming stuff that terrifies me the most. But it seems God is sending me some people to help me organize...people especially gifted in those areas.

Fr. Andrew ~ Thanks for your prayers! And I know you're likely busier than I am (I also know that our business often coincides with yours as we're all working towards the same ends...) So....are you nice to your faith formation staff? You know that they will love you forever with undying loyalty if you are good to them...!) And yeah...Monday sounds like coma day. Except I have to study.

Fr. V. ~ No rest for the weary in the world of the Church! (Is this part of "no crown without the cross?)

Cathy ~ Thanks...can always count on you! And I think your angel helped out today. Tell him thanks!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

My angel has standing instructions to keep an eye on you. I'm glad he was on the job! :-)