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Monday, February 18, 2008

Oh, Goodness, Catholics Please Step Up!

I was just browsing looking for how to bake a potato (I know how, but sometimes I need direction on the oven temp.), and found a really interesting web site:

How To Do

It seems to be a fairly new site as it doesn't have a lot in the way of archives, especially under Christianity.

There are a few articles, but I see that Catholicism, the ORIGINAL and ONGOING Christian religion is not represented AT ALL. And I have a problem with that. Why is there an article in how to join the Baptist religion, but no article about how to enter the Church founded by Christ Himself?

Now, I love our Baptist brothers and sisters...and in fact, a few of them helped me come home to the Catholic Church, God Bless them! But really, we should step up to the plate and get in on this.

The site is looking for writers, and has a big APPLY NOW! button on their homepage. Many of my readers, whether they have blogs or not, love to write, love the Church, especially love Jesus, and could contribute a great deal. Please, for the love of God (really!), will some of you please apply and start posting your work?

Currently, there is a "How to understand who wrote the books of the Bible." Which is all well and good...she got most of it right (As a Protestant, though, she is missing 7 books, to include Tobit, which is referenced in a dialoge with Jesus, the Sadducees and the Pharisees, and Maccabees 1 & 2, among others), although the article could use more infomation, such as: HOW do we know this? And WHO put the canon of scripture together? And HOW did they know what to include and what not to include? The Bible didn't just drop from the sky, you know. It was handed down, and we know the canon through Apostolic Tradition, which is still intact in the Church today. But how is the author of the linked article to know that if no one tells her?

I'm honestly curious...I know there are converts who read this blog. Can you tell me what your teachers and professors and parents told you about the origin of the canon of Holy Scripture? OK, I digress.

Websites are great for a synopsis of things, so if you're good at being brief (I'm not!), and you can convey snippets of info in a powerful manner...well, you have a gift you should use for the good of the unity of the Church. Get out there!

I am drawn to this, of course, but do I REALLY need to add something on to my plate? But you, especially those of you without blogs, those of you who love to know who you are....go!

And just as an FYI, a fun site I learned about when I worked in Insurance is:
How Stuff

Great site for a lot of things. I often used it professionally to assist me in understanding engines and cars and anti-theft systems.


Hidden One said...

Oh how I wish I had less on my plate!

Hidden One said...

Oh it seems there is some hope!

How to Become a Catholic:

How to Find a Good Catholic Parish:

Adoro said...

Oh, Yay! Apparently I didn't look far enough!

I like hope! Hope is a great virtue!

Thanks, Hidden One!

But I still say we can be more vocal....

Terry Nelson said...

"I was just browsing looking for how to bake a potato"

Sorry hon - that is LOL! hilarious - especially when you know that cavemen first baked potatoes by wrapping them in aluminium foil and throwing them in the fire.

Yeah. ;)

Vincenzo said...

"I was just browsing looking for how to bake a potato (I know how, but sometimes I need direction on the oven temp.)..

Swissmiss was once a potato-baking restaurant "garnish girl." I bet that she's got great tips!

Anonymous said...

I was taught the Bible was written by Man inspired by the Holy Spirit. End of Story. 66 books. Nothing about history, nothing about how canon was established,(except that Catholics added the extra books to back up some of their teachings that weren't in Scripture). The Bible was given to us by God. And once you believed that, you had no reason to question where it came from. sue from nd

Woodrow said...

I was taught the same thing as anonymous/sue from ND. Never did I hear of the Father's of the Church, although I was taught a very little bit about the Council of Nicea. In the Fundamentalist circles I was raised in, I never heard about the writings of the Church Fathers. On very rare occasions, as I moved into Evagelicalism, I would hear a quote from one of the Early Christians. I heard them so rarely, I thought that we must have very few of their writings extant. When I started learning about the Church, I was shocked to find out that we have volumes upon volumes of Early Christian writings. Modern "Emerging-" and "Emergent-Church" Evangelicals are reading the Fathers now. I hope they find the Church.

Sarah said...

Adoro, maybe God is using you to kick me in the pants. Months ago, I had an email exchange and I signed up as a writer for this website. I just haven't been able to make time, find time, sit down and get my lazy butt in gear - call it what you will. I mean, this was a personal email and it was someone who said he thought I would do a great job there. I'm not saying this to brag, just to say, that, wow, maybe I should. Email me, wouldja? Give me some ideas. Their format is very strict and a little outside the writing I do already (which is where the lazy butt of the earlier list comes in).

Big hugs and drool from your "goddaughter" :)