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Thursday, February 14, 2008


I can't stand Valentine's Day. Not just because I'm single and all the gushing and superficial show of romance is just sickening, but because it's a commercial holiday that has nothing at all to do with St. Valentine. Besides, today is the feast of Sts. Cyril and Methodius, very important Church Fathers.

So the geek in me prefers the practical and interesting to the...lack thereof.

So, here are some links to anti-Valentine's cards for you to send those you REALLY love. Because chances are, they hate Valentine's Day as much or more so than YOU do.

MSN has a few, including one that allows you to shoot cupid in the butt with arrows.

Cafe Press has some great cards. You can send this one to the chick at the office who gets a funeral's-worth of flowers each year.

Or if your're the depressive-type, you could freak your friends out with this little attention-seeking piece of work. Use caution, though, because you may end up on a 72-hour hold, and by "hold" I don't mean "hug".

For my single self, tonight I plan to come home, make spaghetti, and read about St. Cyril and St. Methodius and answer the study questions about them.

Happy Feast Day!


Anonymous said...

I always thought Valentines Day was stupid--in school you would buy boxes of valentines--get a class name list of all the students--write their names on each one and then walk around in class giving all your fellow classmates a valentine--how retarded!

But, then I got married on Valentines Day--it just happened to fall on a three-day weekened. When my husband asked me to marry him--I asked when and he said the next three-day weekend--I said okay--it just happened to be the President's day holiday--and Valentines.

We got married in Vegas--32 years and counting--and I love him so much more now than I did then--so now--well, Valentines day isn't so bad--and since I have a hard time remembering dates and places--I am reminded of my anniversary by the media at least a month in advance.

uncle jim said...

how romantic -

i woke up this morning, rolled over, kissed my wife on the cheek and said, "Happy Valentine's Day - that's all you're getting."

Then I climbed out of bed took care of a few things, and headed to the kitchen...where upon I found this nice little pink envelope addressed to me setting there on the breakfast counter. Now what am I to do?

eliztrin said...

Happy Feast day. From a Czech community, Cyril & M have meant more to me (at least since I entered). Thanks for having your priorities right.

Melody said...

I'm going to be a counter-culture pain in the patoot here, I love Valentines Day! And not just because my husband sent me flowers. I loved it before I ever discovered boys. I was the original artsy craftsy, paper-doily, construction paper guru in grade school. Except sometimes I am promptness challenged and don't get the Valentines mailed on time. Thank goodness for UKOK's e-card site, because I am headed over there to e-mail my at-a-distance loved ones their Valentines!

Ray from MN said...

I had spaghetti tonight, too, Adoro!

Courageous Grace said...

I love Valentine's Day too....three days before my birthday, candy hearts to munch (I'm a bit of a sugar addict), and hubby brought home a yellow rose last night (it was our wedding flower...I absolutely love yellow roses). So today I stopped by the local Catholic bookstore and picked up an icon for him...we'll put it up in our prayer niche on Easter I think....

Cow Bike Rider (alias, Chris Sagsveen) said...

Happy Valentines Day!