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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Effect of the Truth

Today Fr. V over at Adam's Ale has a great post where he addresses things of concern to all of us as faithful Catholics.

But sometimes homilists feel as though they are preaching to the choir in the same way some priests yell from the pulpit, “You people better start showing up for mass!” What good is it yelling at those that are there? They’re there! In the same way it is presuppose those at mass know that to be Catholic is to be pro-life.
What should we do?

Please go and read his entire post, and offer your thoughts.

I find this to be very timely. Just as I got into work, the DRE, who arrived at the same time, told me that she spoke with Father AND the school Principal this morning. They mentioned that last night/yesterday they were accosted by a couple of parents who were concerned about what I'd said about their salvation if they don't go to Mass every week. (And it sounds like he may have taken what I said out of context as well). In any case, Father backed me up and reiterated the Church's teaching, but likely in a very gentle way. (It is an art with him.) Anyway, one of them apparently also heard from one of the parents who was upset by the Blessed Imelda story. And that parent outright LIED about what I had said in a subsequent conversation before the entire group of parents about that story.

As a side note, she was the parent I KNEW would be upset about hearing about Blessed Imelda, and she was, right there in the meeting. And she was also one of my "hecklers" from the fall parent orientation.

What's really ironic about this is a comment I made in Fr. V.'s combox:

"...And if you shake them up a bit in that process....GOOD! THAT'S THE BEGINNING OF CONVERSION!"

I had no idea that I'd be hearing about this opposed to last week. So on one hand, I know I said the right things...because it shook some people up. And some parents came up and thanked me very much for laying out the Church's teaching clearly, and for providing the documentation to back it up. (Canon Law and the Catechism).

My DRE emphasized that Father wasn't upset at being accosted, but suggested maybe I tone it down next year. We do have plans to change the way things are done, by adding time to the meeting for discussion, clarification on these kinds of points, etc. Because our faith is too important to water down, and sadly, too large a population of today's Catholics are completely uncatechized. Which means they need the basics, and they need to know the WHY of those things that will lead them to salvation.

Faith and Reason have ALWAYS gone together...and so we must take care to keep them together when in a position to share the Gospel truth that we strive to live by.

So on one hand I'm cringing a little because I KNOW Father will have a conversation with me later today. But I'm also thankful he was aware of what I'd be discussing so he wasn't caught unaware when confronted by a couple of upset parents. God bless him, and them.

And please, people, pray for priests! All the time!

UPDATE: The conversation with Father was fine and I also spoke in depth with the Principal, both of them were fine with what was truly stated and were willing to back me up. And the Principal had told people that if they had a problem with what I'd said they should be speaking to me. Absolutely. I will stand by what I said, because the Truth doesn't change. But if someone needs further clarification, I'm thrilled to take the time with them for that, as much time as they need.


Adrienne said...

I HATE it when that happens. You go in and do the right thing and get blasted. You are lucky to have your priest (for the most part) standing behind you.

What these complainers want is for you to change church teachings so they can be cooooomfortable.

People have pretty much quit ripping into me 'cause they know Father is standing behind me with a big bat.

P.S. The lady that threw a fit at Rite of Elections about her grandson not being able to join Demolay (Masons)?? He joined the Boy Scouts, so somethimes what we do makes a difference. Live for those moments and let the heretics cook in their own fat (but pray for them)

Melody said...

Um, what is so bad about the Blessed Imelda story? When I heard that story from Sister Columba as a 2nd grader, I thought it was sad that she died at about 11 years of age. But the older I get, the less sad it gets; because she died of joy. There are agonizing deaths, cruel deaths, tragic deaths. Very seldom is someone given the grace to die of joy. Even as a second grader I realized there was scant danger of me expiring from sheer goodness and happiness! I hope the mom who objected to this story doesn't let her child watch any tv, because just about any day you will see much worse than that.

Father Schnippel said...

I'm gonna have to remember the Blessed Imelda story, I hadnt heard it before.

Adoro, your doing the right thing. If the priest is worth his salt, he'll recognize that and as he did back you up.

Keep up the great work, and remember: live the truth in love. (and because we love them, we have to give them the truth!)

Adoro said...

Yeah, some people just want to be catered to. I might do a seperate post on this.

Adrienne ~ It's the little things that make the biggest difference, and our priest IS definitely behind me on this. God bless him.

Melody ~ Most feel as you do...the parent who freaked out is both uncatechized and unconverted, and the Church is full of such people. But they're still here, so there's hope. It's hard to do anything right according to their standards because no matter what approach one takes, they will assume the worst message and will latch on to it, completely avoiding the point. It's as though some people just like to be angry...but there's a reason for that. I wish the people would talk to me so I could get to the bottom of what's REALLY bugging them. Because I'm guessing it isn't the Blessed Imelda story.

Father Schnippel ~ Have you read it yet? It's a great story. Let me know if you need the synopsis. Beautiful...I wish I could die of joy when receiving Jesus. There can't possibly be a better way to go! And Father did back me up. He told me that the person he spoke with was not really upset, just had questions, and he (Father) was happy that I knew what people were saying, and that I wasn't too bothered by it. I told him that I wouldn't say anything differently, and I also had very happy parents, most just neutral. Also, the second grade teachers were present, too, and totally backed me up.

I gotta say...this is a good place to be. It's full of people who are willing to take a few hits for Jesus - and they do, every day.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Good for you!