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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Grilling Salmon

Please pray for me; I'm grilling salmon for the first time.

Some time ago, my brother's boss went fishing in Alaska, and they vacuum-wrapped and froze their catch. He gave some to my brother, who in turn, gave some to me. I gave one fillet away to a neighbor at Easter, because I can't possibly eat all this fish. Part of being single...I know when the portions are too large, and fish doesn't tend to do as well as a leftover.

But last night I got brave and took out a fillet, cut it in half, and marinated it in a mixture of a ginger-garlic-teriyaki sauce mixed with a sesame marinade (I've used this mixture on steak...yummy!), and I just placed it on the grill.

Not wanting it to burn or spend half the day waiting for the charcoal to cool enough, I cut down on the charcoal...and I think I used too little.

I was going to grill this stuff for dinner, but then I realized that if I mess this up, I won't have time to fix my problem, thus I'm doing it for lunch. Brats and corn on the cob for dinner, along with fresh veggies and dip!


If it turns out well, I'll be bringing a salmon wrap with me to work tomorrow. :-)

Please pray I don't give myself food poisoning through this experimental endeavor....


OK, I just had my lunch. If Jesus came to my house, I would not be ashamed to serve him grilled salmon! Besides, based on what the Bible says, Jesus was a fan of grilled fish. And he'd probably be way too nice to mention the overcooked parts.

The marinade formed a very nice glaze. I had been planning to also grill asparagus with the same glaze, but I forgot about it, so my salmon was served with fresh uncooked sugar snap peas and ranch dip.

No wine; I don't have a wine in the house that can stand up to the strong flavor of salmon, even with the sweet glaze.

OK, back to what I was doing before...thanks for indulging me.


Hidden One said...

You wouldn't perhaps know from whence your glaze recipe comes, would you?

Adoro said...

Hidden one ~ Yes...I invented it. :-)

Well, except for the fact I purchased premade products.

Here's what I used:

Stonewall Kitchen garlic teriyaki sauce, and Lowry's Sesame ginger marinade (which can also be used as a salad dressing).

I considered throwing in some lite sodium soy sauce, but didn't.

My brother actually highly recommened marinating the salmon in a mixture of soy sauce and fresh ginger, maybe some garlic. But as I didn't have ginger on hand, I went with the premade stuff.

As the sauces are definitely sugary, they will form a glaze. I suspect that if it is left even longer than just overnight (24-48 hrs is recommended), it would be much better and give the marinade more time to permeate the fish.

I had to place it over direct heat as I just have a tiny hibachi-type grill, but I've noticed that indirect grilling is a better method, 30-40 min.

In my case, it only took about 15 min, and it was sligtly overcooked...which I'd prefer to undercooked!

Hidden One said...

Thank you Adoro!

Hmmm... sounds like it was good enough to be worth tryign again to perfect, n'est ce pas?

Adoro said...

Are you asking me to grill salmon for you? :-)

Cathy said...

In other words, what you're saying is that piece of salmon was good enough for Jehovah?


Sounds yummy!

Hidden One said...

"Are you asking me to grill salmon for you? :-)"

Well, I probably wouldn't turn it down; but as a Canuck, it'd be a little hard to get the fish from your grill to my plate. Actually, I was just wondering if you are planning to make it again (and blog about it, of course!).

Adoro said...

Hidden One ~ Oh, no, not a problem. I can just pop it in the mail, it'll be there in a few days! :-)

Anonymous said...

Try it with yogurt generously mixed with dill. Delicious.

Anonymous said...

I cheat. I use the gas grill. I get the grill heated to 350, then put the salmon filet on it skin side down.

Gill it with the top closed for 10 minutes. You'll know it's done with the top flakes.