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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I've been Excommunicated!

And my big mouth in the comments section of this blog post was the catalyst for my judgment.

I'm so completely unrepentant.

I'm so excommunicated it's not even funny.

And the really cool thing is...Fr. Michael Heidrich carried out my sentence so poetically. It just makes me thrilled to have such judgment passed! I might have to convert...if their liturgies are anywhere near so poetic as their excommunications, well, it must be like Heaven!

Here's the transcript from my Inquisition:

* *
Adoro te Devote said:

Oh...kay. So let me get this straight.

1. A schismatic organization (that would be you...SSLI)

2. which by its very nature is actually in direct conflict with the promise given to the Church, that very same promise you quote, that the "Gates of hell will not prevail", et al.,

3. has the audacity to call others "schismatic",

4. having already thrown the actual yardstick away and continue to burn it in effigy?

Wow. Excommunicate me, Padre. It's not the "see" that is is your theology.

June 20, 2007 6:41 PM

Rev. Fr. Michael said:

“Ask, and it shall be given you: seek, and you shall find: knock, and it shall be opened to you. For every one that asketh, receiveth: and he that seeketh, findeth: and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened.”

In accordance with the Word of God: Adoro te Devote… EXCOMMUNICATED

+ Rev. Fr. Michael A. Heidrich +

June 21, 2007 10:41 AM

So, like, this has to be for real because he quoted Scripture and everything. He forgot to cite his source, though. It's from Matthew 7:7. Except it appears he mixed his Bible versions. I just never realized that this scripture was part of the formula for excommunication pre-Vatican II.

So now I've been rejected by both extremes; Spirit of Vatican II has banned my blog, and the Society of St. Leo I, sedevacantists, have formally excommunicated me.

And I suspect that some of the Redemptorists might hate me, too. * sigh * It's so hard to be Catholic these days.


Fr Juno said...


Excommunication by schismatics and heretics is a seal of communion with the faithful. I rejoice that you remain within the sheepfold.

Fr. Juno

Adoro said...

Fr. Juno,

Thanks, you dear friend! I was beginning to think no one loved me!

I don't think the Redemptorists are schismatics or heretics, though, so I don't want them lumped in that group....after all, they promote my favorite devotion!

So I just don't want them to hate me.

Anonymous said...

It's from the Douay-Rheims translation, BTW

Congratulations! To be hated by both sides means you must be doing something right.

Adoro said...

tolkien ~ LOL! I actually suspected that but I was going for sarcasm and hoping he was paraphrasing. :-)

I used to have that Bible version linked on my sidebar, but then I replaced my computer and I still haven't rebuilt everything.


Che' Lovell said...

Hey Adoro!

You know we might act all tough and stuff, but ever since you saved me by beating off Al-Fakkir with the copy of First Things, I've kind of got a new repect for you. I think you're really cool. Not cool like Britnee or Taheetee but kind of cool in the way that the girl from Kill Bill is cool.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Adoro: LOL! No church for you.

Though, I think Father has overstepped his authority a little bit. Plus, he's nuts.

It's great to see Fr. Juno free!

Julie D. said...

It's nice here in the middle. Without you we'd all be lonely! :-D

Deacon Bill Burns said...

Hmmmm. Yeah, something of ecclesial authority appears to be lacking in that sentence. Perhaps he's a little behind on his studies in canon law.

Deacon Bill Burns said...

Okay, that's pretty funny. And here I thought you were referring to one of your own posts.

Adoro said...

Aww, che' ~ Is that your way of saying I'm "church"? Thanks!

Cathy ~ LOL! He is nuts!

Julie ~ We wouldn't want you to be lonely!

Theocoid ~ Well, hopefully I haven't posted anything here that would get me Excommunicated....buty boy, if I got that warning, I'd clean it up in a hurry!

Fr. V said...


Warren said...

Note to those with humour impairments: The sedevacantist blog is a parody just like SOV 2.


Adoro said...

Ultra ~ I'm pretty sure everyone here is into the joke, but one never knows who might come along and not get it.


I, for one, think the two parody blogs are HILARIOUS! :-)

Adoro said...

OH, forgot to say...if you haven't go on over and turn yourself in to the newly-forms Office of the Inquisition, and then suggest something innocent like smiling, and they will Excommunicate you in a heartbeat.

Apparently "neo-caths" are the bane of their existance. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, those Germans--Heidrich--can you imagine the story of the prodical son coming home to a German father. It would be--kid you "screwed-up" burn forever.
Thank goodness for the Jews, they welcome you with open arms, put beautiful clothes on you, and jewels and love the heck out of ya.

My advice--go to a Jewish priest and he will welcome you home again, LOL!

Adoro said...

LOL! Is there a Jewish priest in the house????????

Although if he happens to be aligned with the sedevacantists, I'm not sure I'm interested in being "reconciled".

Anonymous said...


We should meet up and talk sometime... I am still trying to gather information on the fugitive, Curt Kane, who masqueraded as a priest earlier this month at the Spirit of Vatican II "Church". Any information you could give me that may lead to his capture would be helpful.

It's unfortunate that both Churches have rejected you, I have had a very warm welcome from Fr. Heidrich and Fr. Lejanvier at the Society of Leo I. The Spirit of Vatican II Community has not been as talkative, although I did have a very informative conversation with Che Lovell, and Keith talked to me in between Dungeon and Dragon sessions.

Agent Smith,
Department of Homeland Security

Adoro said...

Agent Smith ~ I'm in possession of a great deal of information "Curt Kane" doesn't know I have. His name is neither "Curt" nor "Kane", and he is actually in service to the ringleader of a citizen's militia - definitely a homeland terrorism issue.

I also have evidence they have ties to Al Quaida and Hamas.

Fr. Tim doesn't have a clue. He's been a little too smoked out by Keith's green tea.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we can meet up at either the Spirit of Vatican II or the Society of St. Leo I, since you are excommunicated by both parishes. We should meet somewhere on neutral ground--say the Cathedral in Knoxville.

Agent Smith

Adoro said...


Roman Sacristan said...

Is it a valid excommunication if there is no protocall number in the "document" of formal excommunication?

Come on! If they are going to say they are traditional, we need to get with the rules here, people.

The kicker for me is that they have "More traditional than traditio" on their truthy tradition list. LOL!

Adoro said...

RC ~ You should post that info to their blog...and see how fast YOU get "Excommunicated" LOL!

Roman Sacristan said...

I just realized I think the appropriate words for me are "fished in."