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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Take Up Your Spear

There's maybe something in the wind these days, a sort of discontent among the women of this diocese. There's something amiss, and quietly, some of us have been talking, conniving (as women can do so well) and realizing that we're not alone in our thoughts and desires.

There is something in this diocese that men have, and it excludes women. I might add that it excludes women for good reason, and we do not desire to encroach upon their sacred ground, for what they have, they desperately NEED for themselves and it is doing incredible things in building the Kingdom of God.

Yet, there's something missing; there is no counterpart for women.

I know some of my readers are scratching their heads right about now, wondering what on EARTH I could be talking about? Have I gone insane? (Well, it's possible, but that shouldn't be a new question.) Am I talking about the priesthood? No. I am now and will continue to be a strong advocate of the infallibly-taught-belonging-to-the-deposit-of-faith all-male Priesthood.

Then WHAT?!

Ladies, you've probably noticed the lack yourself, even if you can't put your finger on it. Look around at all the pious church lady offerings in your own parish. What do you see? Of course there are very good and laudable volunteer opportunities that require both men and women, in the parish and in organizations supported by the parish. That might mean working in the kitchen or making blankets for Birthright or Holy Family Adoption Agency. Great stuff!

But look further. Look at the "spiritual formation" opportunities designed for women, and "recreational activities" through the different women's organizations. What do you see?

More of the same. Some speaker comes in to talk about what true feminism is, and it's designed mostly for mothers and families and longevity in marriage. All well and good. That fills a niche, but it doesn't appeal across the board, does it? Or what about the things that are supposed to be "fun"? What do they involve? Scrapbooking, needlepoint, recipe sharing, cookie swapping....UGH!

Sorry y'all, but I'm too bored to go on. I'm glad that some people enjoy those hobbies, but what I really wanna know is this: where's the paintball? Where's the skiing? Where's the snowmobiling out at someone's farm by the state park? Where's the ADVENTURE? Where is Father Corapi or Father Barron or...someone name a great orthodox female speaker? Where is the REAL spiritual formation? Why are women left with fluff while men get all the good stuff?????

Every time I look at the female saints in the Church, I see women who were ON FIRE with love for God, and they weren't afraid to defend the Faith. They weren't afraid to speak out and they gladly and joyfully went to some truly awful forms of martyrdom.

I'm not slamming simplicity. I'm all for simplicity, and holiness in the small things. And all of us are called to that.

But some of us need more than that, and truly, our times DEMAND more of us.

Ah, now I'm getting to the meat of this post. Are you intrigued? Are you bored to death with "women's stuff" at your parish? Would you like something that feeds your fiery spirit and desire to defend your faith?

Well, ladies, maybe something is coming. But it's going to take prayer, it's going to take work, it's going to take organization, and it's going to require a really solid solid faithful holy advisor.

How many of you are familiar with the Argument of the Month Club? For those who are not, this is a club for men only, they have awesome meals, they witness great debates and have the opportunity to challenge the debators at the end of the evening. This event is drawing anywhere from 200-400 men each month! This is incredible! This is awesome! God bless them!

But you know what, there's a lot of women who want the same thing. And I'm not talking about some fluffy "speaker" who comes in to teach us how to make silk flowers. NO! I'm talking about getting those same kinds of speakers as invited by AOTM to discuss hard-core issues and in so doing, teach us how to defend our faith more effectively, give us a chance to step up to the plate (literally and figuratively), and discover that we have more to offer God and the Church than just needlepoint and crafts. Ladies we have VOICES and we love the Church...shouldn't we be a lot more vocal in that love for Christ? Isn't apologetics part of our baptismal requirements, too?

Of course we don't have to be a clone of the men's club; we are women, after all and certain elements may not suit us. But for the tomboys among us, of which there are many, perhaps it's time to answer this particular Call. We need a similar women's organization.

Some of us are kicking around the idea of starting this club. I don't know where it will go. Certainly it can't depend upon me, especially given I can't organize myself out of a wet paper bag ripped open on each end. But I sure can ADVERTISE, can't I? Oh, and you'll NEVER see me upon the platform speaking...I'm not a debater, either.


So, ladies everywhere, please keep this intention in your prayers. It might go somewhere, it might not. It depends upon the Holy Spirit. Everyone knows that if He isn't involved, it will fall flat. As I understand it, someone tried to start a club at some point in the past and it didn't "take" so no longer exists. Maybe it was timing. Maybe it was lack of marketing (I certainly had never heard of it). In any NOW the time?

Who's with us?


Adrienne said...

If I lived there you could count on my participation.

The "woman's" retreats they have in this area are just the pits.

Anonymous said...

Amen to what Adrienne posted, and to what you describe. "The pits" for sure, and deadly booring to boot!

Mary333 said...

For someone who is not crafty, you sure do cook up some great ideas :)
As a fellow tomboy [I'm the one who tried to pull the Mary Poppin's maneuver off the roof] this sounds interesting and a lot more fun than the women's groups available in my area. I clicked on the link...I am sure that one of the women's clubs cooked up this "manly meal" for them. Sigh!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

You already invited me and you know I'm all for it and will do what I can!

Once we get rolling we can torture Ray with talk of all the good food we are having! :-)

Adoro said...

Adrienne ~ Well, this isn't a retreat, but yeah, same issue around here. You COULD move to MN....

Anon ~ I knew some of you would feel our pain!

Mary ~ NOPE, what AOTM does is ALL done by men, INCLUDING the cooking! It's a fully male group, and I applaud it. I also don't take credit for any "ideas". Several of us in this area who know about the group have long thought, "It would be cool if we had something like that, too." And I keep running into women who feel the same way.

I have no original ideas here. I'm totally going off of what already exists, and it's NOT my original idea to do it for women. it was actually Cathy's. She did a post on it in 2007! (Cathy below)

Cathy ~ It'll start small like the men's group did, just a few of us talking hard-core theology in a restaurant, maybe getting into some debate, maybe getting a speaker some nights if we have enough of us to cover that.

Warren said...

Argument of the Month club sounds super cool. Too bad they don't have it in Toronto where I live. :-)

[It's GOOD to be a Guy!]
[grinning, running, ducking..]

Adoro said...

Warren ~ Why duck and run. I'm EXTREMELY supportive of what they're doing! And if you didn't like being a guy, I'd find that to be very very disturbing....