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Friday, November 13, 2009

Ecclesial Condemnation of Holy Love Ministry in Cleveland OH

Praise God for this faithful Bishop protecting not only his flock, but all souls. I know of people who pilgrimage to "Holy Love Ministries" in Ohio, and so some time ago I looked it up. My skin was crawling as I read the alleged "locutions". Doctrinal issues all over the place, in SPITE of what the "testimonials" from canonists and theologians were saying. I questioned where those people had actually READ what this woman was allegedly saying? I saw conflict, contradiction, and doctrinal issues all over the place! I also know of some people who visited the shrine and left very disturbed, although unable to articulate exactly what about the place bothered them so much.

So to any devotees, take note of the formal letter and Decree issued by Bishop Lennon of the Cleveland Diocese, and realize that it applies to ALL of the faithful, not just those in his diocese. It was just issued on November 9, 2009, a couple days ago, so bloggers, Tweeters, social networkers, please pass those links along to others.

Some time ago some anonymous person left a link on one of my posts, and I'd heard of the shrine there, but never went. I do know people who go there, even local ones. They are very faithful Catholics, but of course, the shrine and locutions were under investigation at that time, neither endorsed nor condemned.

Now they know: it's not supernatural in origin and is to be avoided. No sacramental celebration is allowed there, nor are pilgrimages, nor any support of any kind.

Holy Love Ministry has NOW been formally condemned and as the Faithful, we owe our obedience to Bishop Lennon, even if we are not from that diocese. To endorse, visit the shrine, financially support it, at this point is now a SIN, and really, it probably was even before, given the nature of doctrinal problems with the messages.

Please pass on the links to those who are unaware of this Decree so that their souls will be preserved. If the above links don't work, you may find both the letter and decree, as well as a Spanish and Korean language version here.

H/T and Mantilla Twitch to Terry at Abbey Roads.


Please see a follow-up post on this: Diabolical which includes further information and links.
Dangerous Cult Mentality which reveals how "Holy Love Ministries" is displaying some very serious warning signs indicating they may very well be a budding Cult.

Authority and Private Revelation discusses the authority of Bishops in their care for souls and reveals how the Holy Spirit speaks and has for 2,000 years.

Please also check out the comments section of THIS post just in case you are under the misapprehension that Bishop Lennon doesn't have the right to limit Priests' faculties to hear confessions or offer Mass. In fact, he DOES have that right and HAS DONE SO. Any Confessions heard at Holy Love are invalid from this point on. "Holy Love Ministries" has been leading souls astray since 1993.


Anonymous said...

Praise God! (and it's about time) I wonder what provoked the Bishop to finally take a stand on this place. Either way, I'm very thankful.

Adoro said...

Anon ~ Well, he probably COULDN'T take a stand without a proper investigation. It seems, based on what he's published on this, that the people in power at the "Ministry" were not open to the investigation and that speaks VOLUMES!

In any case, just as in any legal process, he had to take care before making an announcement of this magnitude. I hope and pray that all will be obedient to it!

Anonymous said...

Dear Adoro,

You're right, of course. I suppose I was being impatient because my boss and many co-workers are completely enmeshed in this supposed apparition. I will pray for them that they can accept this news and obey, as I'm sure it'll be hard for them.

Anonymous said...

Good! Hopefully Medjugorje will soon be officially condemned as well. Based on what we're seeing in the press, I believe that ruling will come soon. Medjugorje is where the diagram begins for so many false apparition sites (Lubbock, Conyers, etc.) that are deceiving naive Catholics and dividing the Church.

Maureen said...

Re: why not sooner?

Actually, it seems that Lennon announced in 1999 that this group had no approval or support from the Catholic Church and urged "extreme caution" in dealing with them. I found this out when I looked up their movement's history.

Holy crud. This Catholic chick claiming to be a visionary cheated on her husband and divorced him for a man who liked her visions more? And this wasn't a wakeup call to everybody involved?

I mean, sheesh, you don't even have to know deep theology to know that Mary would never put up with that kind of goings-on, much less demand that the Other Man join the ministry....

Vincenzo said...

"Praise God! (and it's about time) I wonder what provoked the Bishop to finally take a stand on this place. "

"At the request of the Holy See, I have been asked to examine and make a judgment on the activities of Holy Love Ministries.." - Bishop Richard Lennon

Jane said...

On a similarly self-styled visionary, has anything happened about Vassula Ryden and the Holy See recently?

Anonymous said...

To add "creepy" to an already creepy place, since Bishop Lennon's Decree, there have been 2 new "messages", one from Jesus and one from God the Father. It seems that both God the Father and Jesus think that earthly authority, i.e., Bishops (and who knows, maybe even the Pope) are not to be obeyed in this instance! Yikes, double-Yikes.

Adoro said...

Thanks, anon. I checked it out, found it worthy of another post on this. I'm not into private revelations and tend to just leave them alone, but this CAN'T be ignored.

JaniceKHarper said...

First of all, while Bishop Lennon has forbade clergy from celebrating the sacraments at Holy Love and admonished faithful not to go there, he did NOT condemn the site. He said that based on his "consultation" with an un-named "respected theological expert" he was issuing his decree, which states that the site is not supernatural in origin. As far as the sacraments, a priest can celebrate the sacrament of penance ANYWHERE - not only in a church or approved location, so I wonder how the bishop can issue such an order. Holy Eucharist has NEVER been celebrated at Holy Love, so this is nothing earth-shaking. We all should view this site and apparitions by considering its fruits - people are returning to the Catholic faith and coming back to the sacraments, the Rosary is being encouraged, which is certainly NOT something a demonic deceit would do. The Rosary is our main weapon AGAINST the devil. I have never seen anything at Holy Love that goes against Catholic doctrine. Devotees are encouraged to "Love One Another" "Love Thy Neighbor". I would like to know some specifics about the Bishop's decision and his sources before making a decision to abandon the site as heresy.

Adoro said...

Janice ~ Thanks for your comment. I would direct you to actually think about what you are saying.

The Bishop has declared that the visions are not supernatural in origin. So why are you arguing? We owe obedience to authentic authority.

I may be able to respond later this evening with regard to what Canon Law states, so I ask you to be patient.

In the meantime, please read this translation of an important document from the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith on the criteria for discerning authentic or inauthentic apparitions:

Quite eye-opening. The alleged "fruits" or random good content are not what are in question: the fruits of the alleged visionary (who is using the most Holy Name of Jesus to encourage disobedience to the Bishop) is a huge sign that the origin of any messages or any apparitions is ANYTHING but of God.

Even Satan will promote the rosary if it is a means to get at the hearts of good people and separate them from their Shephards. And by your comments, that's exactly what has happened to you and anyone who casts their lot in with this site and is angered by the Bishop's lawful and just decree.

Adoro said...

Janice ~ The Bishop cited the Code of Canon Law in his Decree, I place the text here for your edification:

Can. 835 §1. The bishops in the first place exercise the sanctifying function; they are the high priests, the principal dispensers of the mysteries of God, and the directors, promoters, and guardians of the entire liturgical life in the church entrusted to them

Can. 838 §4. Within the limits of his competence, it pertains to the diocesan bishop in the Church entrusted to him to issue liturgical norms which bind everyone.


Can. 966 §1. The valid absolution of sins requires that the minister have, in addition to the power of orders, the faculty of exercising it for the faithful to whom he imparts absolution.

§2. A priest can be given this faculty either by the law itself or by a grant made by the competent authority according to the norm of ⇒ can. 969.

Can. 969 §1. The local ordinary alone is competent to confer upon any presbyters whatsoever the faculty to hear the confessions of any of the faithful. Presbyters who are members of religious institutes, however, are not to use the faculty without at least the presumed permission of their superior.

So you see, Jackie, the Bishop is acting well within his authority and by this decree, is limiting the faculties of priests, including those of his own diocese, to hear confessions or celebrate ANY sacrament on the site. As he has jurisdiction over his diocese, he has the right to do this. Or it's not valid. Period.

The liturgy of the Church, which includes not only Mass, but the Sacrament of Penance, falls under these canons.

We owe obedience to the Bishop. In effect, he has condemned the site. People may not go there and gather for devotional purposes, etc.

I'm sorry you put your faith in such a place. It very much reveals the damage done by speading falsehoods...your very obvious pain and anger is a perfect example. Just realize it is not the Bishop or the Church that has betrayed you, but a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who I knew would have an extremely difficult time accepting this - turns out that's exactly what's happening. She says that the Bishop's decree doesn't have any affect on those that are not of his diocese in Cleveland. That logic would mean that all the people who are deceived by this place and happend to be from around the country can continue to go there? But Catholics in Cleveland can not? Do you happen to know?

Adoro said...

Anonymous ~ Canon law is territorial, and the Bishops decree is binding on ALL Catholics because he is the final authority on this issue. Holy Love is NOT is certainly NOT of God.

From Canon Law:

Can. 212 §1. Conscious of their own responsibility, the Christian faithful are bound to follow with Christian obedience those things which the sacred pastors, inasmuch as they represent Christ, declare as teachers of the faith or establish as rulers of the Church.

(Ask your friend if she has to respect all priests and bishops whether she likes them or not? Then show her the above canon and whether or not she is offering Christian obedience to this sacred pastor who is operating out of concern for HER and speaks with the voice of Christ as CHRIST INTENDED.)

This law is binding on all the faithful. It was ordered by the Holy See that the Bishop make a declaration on Holy Love. It was clearly not the intention of the Holy See that the Bishop be restricted in that decree to those Catholics only under his immediate jurisdiction, but he is clearly speaking in the voice of the ENTIRE CHURCH in the condemnation of the "visions".

I'm not surprised that your friend is going through this: Satan just LOVES division and the messages from the last couple days betrays his absolute FURY at the souls that are not going to be swallowed by him because of the Bishop's decree.

Pray HARD for your friend and anyone caught up in this. It is a spiritual battle and many souls are at risk because they've put their faith in a visionary spouting bad theology and lies, and they've taken themselves away from the Church in so doing.

Adoro said...

Anon ~ I have sent an email to my canon law professor for clarification because it seems to me the Decree is the promulgation of a Universal Law, but the wording makes it appear that it is only addressed to the Cleveland diocese. So I can understand the confusion. Let me try to get a real solid answer from a real solid Canonist!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys.....I appreciate reading your input. However, I would like your consideration of this possibility:

Would if the Cleveland Bishop's discernment and your opinions are wrong?

The reason why I am very concerned is because, there appears to be a lot of similarity of thoughts and actions in comparison to when JESUS was being put to death.

The Sanhedrin and Soldiers and majority of the Jewish People were fully convinced that JESUS was a heretic not following the Laws of the Covenant. Also, they were without doubt, convinced that they were right in judging their victim especially, as they crucified JESUS.

Moreover, they were assured that they were in good standing before GOD.

If Holy Love Ministries and more importantly, the Messages are truly coming from Divine Providence, than what side do you think you will be supporting; especially, if you have condemned verbally and through actions convinced other people to go against Heavens intervention at this special site -- Maranatha Spring and Shrine on Earth.

If we do not support TRUTH when it is set before our eyes, we then will be charged with guilt as fallen Christians and will be of no help in Heaven's DIVINE PLAN now or in the future.

JESUS tell us that when we die we will no longer have Free Will and we will only take with us our memory of what we did on Earth and how we abided under the Laws of Holy Love -- Loving first, with all our heart, mind, and soul GOD above all false gods and secondly, loving thy Neighbor as thyself - (Ten Commandments).

TRUTHS continue to be revealed through the Prophets, as written in the Nicene Creed to

Generations, to bring as many souls back to their Faith and to the CHURCH to receive the Holy Sacraments in preparation for Eternal Life.

GOD has not abandoned us! I hope you will reconsider your opinion of Maranatha Spring and Shrine and home of Holy Love Ministries and come with faith and joy to this Holy Property to pray.

Praying is a Divine Right of our Freedom granted to all GOD'S People and thankfully, a person can pray in any place that they choose.

I extend to you the complete Blessing of the United Hearts of JESUS and MARY!

Sincerely, HLMS

Adoro said...

HLMS ~ No, it's NOT possible that HL is of God, especially given that the alleged "revelations" especially of the last several days are encouraging DISOBEDIENCE to the Church. The Bishops are not "merely human" authority, but THEY speak with the voice of Jesus Christ. Jesus gave the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven to St. Peter, and today through Apostolic Succession we recognize the very authority of Christ as passed down through St. Peter to continue to reside in our Bishops.

HLMS, what YOU are claiming, in essence, is that the power of the Holy Spirit has left the Church and is now residing at HL and is now attacking the Church for not believing.

The theology at HL is illogical, completely departs from authentic theology as upheld by EVERY mystic in history, HL has been in schism since those fruits we shall know you.

You are claiming, in essence that HL is a new Public Revelation. The Church, and all of Christianity is united in the knowledge, revealed by God, that PUBLIC REVELATION ended with Revelation. It's done.

God is faithful to Himself and His covenant and His Bride, the Church. HL has left the Church in favor of a demonic interference which is actively leading people AWAY from the Church and from obedience to her Spouse the Bridegroom, simply by throwing in a few favored known devotions and nonsensically cobbling together a few more that sound good but don't hold up to scrutinty.

In the history of the Church, the mystics who were under censure were fully obedient. If HL is receiving messages from Padre Pio, he would have smacked her silly by now. He was the most humble and obedient of them all, if comparisons are even POSSIBLE to be made.

HLMS, What's with your proclamation, "God has not abandoned us"???? God doesn't abandon ANY of us. Rather, it is all of YOU at HL who have abandoned GOD and His CHURCH! It is YOU who should reconsider your false empire of lies and falsehoods, fall on your knees and ask God for forgiveness for your disobedience and VERY PUBLIC scandal!

Praying ~ Yes, praying is a right...that has nothing to do with any of this. No one is suggesting you stop having a dialogue with God...what is being suggested is that the dialogue with the Evil One stop. However,there is this little thing we call "intent" and "will" and this wonderful virtue called "obedience" that dictates that if we are praying with a bunch of others people in a place with harmful theology led by a disobedient "mystic" claiming locutions and visions that the Bishop recognizes as NOT supernatural (or at best, Demonic, which he left unsaid), well, that's a much different thing, isn't it?

You don't have the authority to extend any blessing to me, and your version of "Jesus" and "Mary" aren't anyone I desire to come into any contact with at all.

You ask me with whom I cast my lot? Certainly not with YOU. I cast my lot with the fullness of the Faith, to be found in the Church that was born out of the side of Christ, and all of those who authentically speak for Our Lord through the ordinary magisterium.

Please refrain from posting more of your propaganda on my blog. I answer you this one time because I posted against your "ministry" and you have a right to respond, and did so. But as I don't want any other souls misled I would suggest you take your blathering nonsense back where you came from, consider your own conversion of heart and return to the Church in humble obedience.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Adoro. That was an awesome response and helpful to me in my dealings with many HL devotees where I work! God bless you.

Elizabeth said...

There are so many "Anonymous" posters here, I thought I should identify myself as Lisa. I just posted the Anonymous 'thank you' for your response to the obviously deluded HL person who also identifies as Anonymous! Anyway, from now on I'll be "Lisa". God bless.

Adoro said...

Thank you, Elizabeth (or Lisa, as you prefer!). I was actually about to make an announcement on anon postings:


I typically welcome anonymouse postings and will continue to do so. However, for the sake of showing both courtesy and some accountability for your comments, please sign SOME kind of name. On the combox form you can actually click to fill in a name which will show at the top of your comment (like Elizabeth above, for example).

Any further "anonymous" postings that do not have a name of some sort attached will be deleted.

Thank you.

Thomas said...

Below is the simple Truth as revealed by Bishop Lennon's decree:

* There is no condemnation, the Ministry and Shrine and messages are not condemned, the messages can still be spread.

* All Laity and religious and Priests are still permitted to go there and pray. "Admonish" is just an urging from the Bishop and not a prohibit.

* It is an Ecumenical Ministry protected by the Church herself in Canon Law (#215 & 216) and therefore not under Diocesan authority.

This Mission stands for the truth of the gospel message of love. and this simply is a Shrine where people of all nations gather to pray in response to Heaven's call to do assist the Woman crush the head of the serpent to fulfill scripture. The people who pray there are the rest of Her offspring, those who keep God's commandments and bear witness to Jesus.

i think people find it hard to believe that the human element is alive and well in the Church today and there have been Judases in the ranks of the Church that have in the past placed their Office, Authority, and Title above the Truth at the expense of many souls.

If you read some of the history of the Cleveland Diocese at it makes one wonder what is really going on up there.

Adoro said...

Thomas ~ The audience of the Bishop's Decree is the Faithful because he is charged with care and concern for their souls. The messages at "Holy Love" point to the message, not to Christ as the source of Salvation. They contain huge doctrinal errors, they make up new nonsensical doctrines and keep telling people to believe them, they MUST be believed.

The true message of Love is the Sacrifice of the Cross, the unity of the Church that poured forth from the side of Christ.

Maureen Sweeny-Kyle is separating people from the Church while she pretends to be drawing them TO the Church.

Why pray the rosary at HER place when the Faithful can get an indulgence by praying it in a Church before the Blessed Sacrament?

Have you considered THAT? What she offers is a cheap copy of a made up religion, and you've fallen for it hook line and sinker.

The Bishop is thinking rightly. You stepford wives are behaving like a bunch of cult zombies with canned "defenses" that betray the fact you're not thinking for yourself. Your blind obedience is to a seer without merit.

I'll keep my head about me and remember faith and reason go together.

Adoro said...

Thomas ~ I deleted your comment because I don't want that tripe on my blog.

It is YOU who are blindly, without insight, without thought, without using your intellect, following a woman who refused to be held to account, and whose only claim for authenticity is "THE VOICES TOLD ME!"

For most people that's a litmus test for mental illness.

I've perused the messages. Massive Christological and Trinitarian errors there. From 1996:

"I asked her if she is the Mother of God. She said, 'I am the Mother of Jesus, born Incarnate'"

Um....HELLO NESTORIUS! Mary IS the Mother of God, not just of Jesus in his humanity.

Jesus was made incarnate at His CONCEPTION, not at birth. "born incarnate" is a completely ridiculous phrase and theologically wrong.

Further, you are promoting dissident groups that are NOT faithful to the ACTUAL Mission of Christ. You, sir, have placed yourself outside the Church. Fine if you're praying the rosary, that's great. I do it too. But no, I will most certainly NOT be joining a group of spiritual wolves.

I will, however, be praying for your souls.

Adoro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adoro said...

Thomas ~ I am not posting any more of your comments as it is clear you have been brainwashed, you have placed your faith in messages that are NOT divine, and you are trying to lead people OUT of the One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

I speak out against all the dissident groups...including the "Holy Love" cult which you have joined and are championing.

Further, I am QUITE familiar with the formal documents of the Church as I am a graduate student in theology with not much left to go before graduation. In a very solid faithful program. So you see, it's quite easy to discern the doctrinal errors and spiritual danger of the site you have sold your soul to.

It is YOU who needs to dive into actual Church teaching and authentic spirituality. Not that spiritual garbage dump you've chosen to embrace.

I see no further need for you to comment here.

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